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Monday Morning Reflections

Well, another weekend has come and gone and more often I am finding myself meditating on the word that is brought to us in our Sunday service. I have been completely amazed by how impactful our efforts to include creativity into our messages have been – we are such visual people! The combining of spoken word and visual word has had an amazing effect on our ability to retain the point and it inspires me to work harder so that we can do MORE!

There was a very long season in my ministry (post high school until about a year ago) where I used the excuse of not wanting to quench Holy Spirit for my lack of creative preparation. It was uncomfortable for me and for some other church members to think about the prospect of actually planning anything – wouldn’t that limit Holy Spirit’s freedom to show up and do something else? Well, let me just say that that is a pretty sad excuse to explain away laziness! Actually, I have been so amazed by God – He’s so much bigger than we usually give Him credit for! As we have been faithful to seek the Lord and ask Him to show us what is in His heart… He has! Incredible, huh? God is able to show us what He wants to do before Sunday morning! He has never been up in heaven wringing His hands, wondering what in the heck He was going to do that morning as we gathered for church. The truth is, He knew before we ever began The Rock 18 years ago what He wanted to do in our service yesterday. He’s a pretty smart guy, isn’t He? And more incredible than that, He can give us supernaturally inspired ways to illustrate His Word – because He created us with the need to be visually stimulated. HE made us that way! For us to refuse to respond to God’s creative nature is – in itself – limiting God!

Exodus 25.40 Take care to make them according to the plan that I showed you on the mountain.

So… what’s next?


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