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The Devil Made Me Do It

I had a brief conversation with a dear friend of mine today. We were talking about the struggles of life and she was trying to convince herself that these struggles were for a purpose – that she needed to embrace them as a tool that God uses to build our character. You know – I’m starting to agree with that. I don’t mean that we should rejoice because we struggle, but I do think that people blame the devil far too often. We give him too much credit.

The devil can’t do anything that God does not allow him to do – every part of God’s creation does His bidding, even the enemy! God allowed him to do everything but kill Job – why would he do that? Why would God, our Father, think it was a good idea for us to go through so much? I want to be the kind of person that goes through a trial looking for the lesson, not cursing the devil for making me suffer. What, God? What am I supposed to be getting out of this? Let me learn it now so I can move on to something else!

What if we all went at problems that way? What if we stopped whining so much and started getting happy that God cares about our character? That’s what it really boils down to, doesn’t it? He cares that we live upstanding lives that bring glory to His name. He cares that His children are moving through life applying the example Christ gave us. So I find myself wondering if I truly am following that example, or if I’m following the example of religious tradition? Do I do some things just because I’ve always seen it done that way or because it’s actually the truthful representation of my Savior? Hmmmm…



I have been completely immersed in our Glory Academy end of the year production – only two weeks to go! Ahhhh!!!! (I refrained from using my all-caps internet scream…but you get the picture, right?)

This year our theme is “Seasons” – we thought it would be easy – I think we were in denial. Actually, finding the music and the costumes were rather easy – and my staff have been so wonderful and diligent to get things done – that’s not the hard part. The difficulty lies at the heart of the story we are trying to tell. I know that the Lord spoke to me at the beginning of this season to steer us in this particular direction. I don’t hear audible words from the Lord – but I have come to know and trust the still small voice of the Lord when He leads me. So, here we are pulling together a show to illustrate the inevitable seasons of our lives – the new birth of spring, the fun and growth during summer, the harvest times of fall and….yes, the harsh realities of winter – and I’m looking all around me at my staff and the families of GAFA and see us all going through different seasons – struggling to see the hand of God sometimes – struggling to make it through dispite the overwhelming promise of God to each of us. Some of us are struggling in our relationships or finances – others with raising our children or seeking new direction for our lives. Honestly, it has been a difficult season – we’re all going to relate to “winter” in a brand new way…

It’s as if God is really teaching us this lesson before we get before the people and minister this creative word in two weeks – we really need to “get it” – and I am so confident that, just as He did last year, He is going to speak through us – through our feet and our bodies as we worship Him with dance – through our voices as we speak and sing – through the music that we have dedicated for His purpose. I can’t wait to see how something beautiful beyond my comprehension is going to come from such struggle. Let me just say this – you don’t want to miss this event. It’s going to be an incredible journey – so come along for the ride!

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