Random Musings From a Frustrated Christian – 2

I’m baaack…. I know you have all been wondering where I’ve been. No need to fear, I was just taking a brain break for a while. The Glory Academy Production ended (more on that later…) and then I took a week off, then Memorial Day and then Reagan and I headed off to Nashville to visit my other parents. We just got back yesterday and so now I have no excuses. I MUST write again – or I fear a flogging may inevitably occur.

OK – so now for my random musings….I need to be honest….sometimes people frustrate me. Not all people – because I have some pretty incredible people in my life. My wonderful family – natural and adopted – my fabulous creative arts team at The Rock – not to mention my amazing circle of friends. (it may be a small circle, but I am fiercly loyal to you all, you know that, right?) No, no… I’m talking about the people that don’t seem to use any common sense at all – those people that seem to ignore all of the “rules” for how to get along with other people. I want to be full of grace and mercy – but COME ON NOW! I saw John Defoor on Sunday in Nashville and he reminded me of one of his famous sayings….”People are dumber than anybody!” Isn’t that more the truth than it should be? Here’s my problem – God is pretty wise, wouldn’t we all agree? He’s given us some pretty practical and easy to follow steps in His word – if we would just follow them, we’d save ourselves a lot of unnecessary trouble. Remember these?

  1. Love your neighbor as yourself.
  2. Honor your father and your mother.
  3. Don’t lie
  4. Don’t covet
  5. Don’t steal

There are more – but the thing to remember is that the list isn’t THAT long. We should be able to remember the important stuff, right? But instead of loving our neighbor, we accuse and condemn those who don’t think like us. Wait – that definately has to be up in the top two or three – DON’T JUDGE…. that’s His job, but we forget that more than we remember it. We are quick to condemn a homosexual but we overlook stealing from God, backbiting, lying and hatred – those are more acceptable, right? I’m not so sure. I think I’d rather be around some really freindly gay people than some of the religious haters we come across in churches today.

Jesus was pretty predictable – if you wanted to find Him, you could more than likely find Him hanging out with all of the outcasts – the drunks, the prostitutes, the lepers – I guess they were alot more fun to hang around that those religious freaks that you could find in the temple. ouch…


5 Responses to “Random Musings From a Frustrated Christian – 2”

  1. 1 Donna
    June 7, 2007 at 8:05 pm

    I agree BUT!

    Jesus hung out with those people and He transformed them by His Love. His Mercy. His Grace. His Father’s power was upon Him. He healed them and they repented. He didn’t just hang with them and they didn’t feel the need to change. His very presence caused these wonderful prostitues, theives, tax collectors… to WANT to change.
    So to me that is what is missing now. So much of Jesus shining out of me that others are drawn to Him, and not wanting to change the outward but the inner man.
    We don’t change people, we Love them, and Jesus changes them. We have to learn how to love the impossible ones. We can ask, and He will send LOTS of impossible people our way to be loved on.
    I suppose that is why He calls us to interceed with Him. He sees ALL of the impossible ones, and seeks someone to go work with Him to make them the possible ones. Possible for greatness! Possible for redemption! Possible for salvation! Possible for Love!

  2. 2 Abs # 2
    June 7, 2007 at 8:28 pm

    So I must say that I downright laughed outloud at your oh so true comment about hanging out with the friendly “happy” folks. Its true, as Christians we often scoff at the more obvious sins, like homosexuality, but completly disreguard the ones that sneak in the back door and take a seat in our living room. We dont notice that we talk about other people,or that we love a good rumor. And who can deny that we sometimes feel great when one of our enemies gets whats coming to them. Ah yes, how quickly the proud fall, or trip right over themselves.
    It’s often said that there is honor among thieves, isn’t that sad, thieves treat each other better than we treat our brothers and sisters in Christ.
    I would like to part of the movement that treats truly everyone better that myself, I want my actions and thoughts to be motivated from love. True Christlike love, I mean the bible says that they will know who follows Christ because they will see that we love each other. So spread the love!

  3. June 7, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    You know after being in education for 6 years and spending more time at work than anywhere else, I have learned my friends at schools were more accepting and loving of those different or in need than Christians I knew. It’s a said truth but one of Johnny’s new favorite sayings “Chritianity would be OK if it wasn’t for all the Christians.” The sad thing is, if I’m willing to admit it, it is easier to be judgemental than accepting without even realizing it. God help us all be more like Christ.

  4. June 8, 2007 at 3:05 am

    First of all, I just need to know if I fall under the adopted family category. Just get back with me on that.

    Secondly, I agree with the “hanging out with friendly gay people” part, but it kinda depends on the level of friendliness.

    Finally, I agree with your blog 98%. It would be %100 but its kind of late and I’m a little scared I’ll wake up tomorrow morning, read it again and realize there was like 2% I actually disagreed with.

    Your one of my favorites Abs.

  5. June 8, 2007 at 3:51 am

    Well, most importantly Welcom back I missed you!
    I was so happy to see you today!
    I’m so feeling this! Plus we’re all just like the people that Jesus hung out with so why are we so judgemental, ya know!
    (if there are mis spellings please forgive me it’s late)
    quick question which circle do I fall under? this is essential to my well being ya know! just kidding
    SO glad you’re back!
    love ya!

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