On The Cheap

Creativity isn’t necessarily difficult for me – but being creative without any money is another matter entirely. I am spoiled and high-maintenance….at least that’s what everyone tells me and I’ve given in to the fact that if most of the people I love have that opinion it must be at least partially true. OK, so I need to work on that – but for now it’s part of the struggle. It’s why I need some sort of expensive caffeinated beverage at least once a day and why even though I have at least 14 pairs of jeans in my closet I still feel the need to have another. I also can’t do without an ungodly amount of product from insanely priced make-up counters even though I’m mostly too busy to actually use any of it.

I’ve asked God to help me get out of the money box – to let myself imagine how to get things done with excellence and ingenuity – that is truly being creative. It’s easy to spend a lot of money, I’ve proven that. But that’s not really an option at this point in my life – and isn’t for most people. Reality is that God is requiring us to become willing to be good stewards of the resources He has put in our hands at whatever level that happens to be. He’s given us some HUGE dreams around here – so we’re learning how to have true faith that He will provide the right amount of money and resource to get it done. Do I believe that? Honestly, I struggle everday to remind myself that He is sovereign and will provide for every need at just the right time. I still have to be creative in the meantime – knowing that He’ll come through so we can get it done! If I allow myself to get bogged down in dollar signs (or the lack thereof…) then my feet get stuck in a big fat block of budget constraint concrete. But if I can shift my focus and see with spirit eyes then I can quite possibly unlock something in me that is unexpected and infinitly stimulating. (with or without the coffee)


2 Responses to “On The Cheap”

  1. August 17, 2007 at 12:21 pm

    I can’t believe that I am actually responding to this. But I felt the need to let you know that God has all the provision you need to fulfill your dreams and purpose. We have to remember that a “little in god Hands becomes Much” I saw that on a church bulletin one day and it is so true. As Israel said “take the limits off “I truly believe that when we pursue what we feel the lord is leading us to do the provision is already there- It will be manifested at the appointed time. I just went through a situation concerning my son. I had applied for both of my kid to attend this new school in the city. I will not mention the name but My daughter got accepeted first and then in June my son was accepetd but i got sick with bronchitis/virus, coud barely lift my head off of a pillow, when the school call to say that there was a spot for my son. The enrollment forms were faxed to me but with me being sick i faxed them back a day late and his spot was taken he was put back on the waiting list and was at number 20. I was so disappointed in myself I called and spoke to the principal’s assistant and explained my situation she could have cared less to make it sound nice. Well anyhoo i fianlly was able to talk to the principal and explained my situation she understood but stated what situations or circumstance took precedence over another. i begin to share with her that it was my mistake and please don’t let my kid suffer because of my mistake. I began to declare the word of the lord to her and over the situation. She stated that prayer was a good thing and that it could not hurt(i don’;t think she was a beleiver though) but anyhoo. The month of June went by and July I would call back he was at number 18 this time he went up two places on the list. I began to fast and pray and just thursday morning (August 16) I woke up early with the situation on my mind and I felt as if the lord was telling me that I knew that this day was going to come and the provision has already been made I began to thank him for the provision and declare his word with boldness. When I got to work I took a break and decided to call the school I only got a machine and with only a few days before school start I really needed an answer. I had so much faith that he would get into that school that i refuse to enroll him in any other school. Long story short I finally got a call back and was told that my son was number two on the waiting list.
    He is in ! Isn’t that just like God if we will just trust him and believe that he is in control of every situation in our life then we can truly do the work that he has called us to do. So Pastor A, continue to have your dreams and continue to be “high maintenance” “God has your back” in giving you the finances for your jeans and for the completion of all of your heart’s desires.
    I love Ya!

  2. August 28, 2007 at 1:56 am

    so something that ive learned lately:

    god is THE creator.
    the more time we spend with Him,
    the more the creativity will
    begin to flow out of us
    for spending so much time
    with Him…
    its so awesome how it all works out!

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