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Let’s Get To It!

There are some monumental tasks ahead of me. Getting GAFA up and running again, planning for our huge….bigger than ever….you don’t want to miss it….Christmas production, and then the GAFA end of the year production that seems just right around the corner. Not to mention just the day to day ministry that takes place around here. Oh, and then there’s my family – yea, that… my adorable little baby, Reagan and my amazing smoochie, Don. I could be overwhelmed – but I’m not. This is actually how I work best; too much to do in too little time. I LOVE IT! I think it’s pretty clear that God is up to some pretty big things around here and I get to be right in the middle of it! Woohoo!

I think that I am most honored that the Creator has chosen me to be here at this moment, doing these incredible things. What is most frustrating to me is the people who have lost that sense of honor – those people who are in a bad mood everytime they come to serve or who roll their eyes when they are asked to stretch themselves a bit to accomplish Kingdom work. Man, I’m having trouble not writing in all caps right now…

I want to be one who is always excited about what God is doing and what my part in it is at the moment. Whatever I can do to advance the kingdom is what makes my heart beat a little faster. The church should be a place where everyone is chomping at the bits to serve not averting their eyes when a ministry leader attempts a friendly conversation. This is what we were created for, people!


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