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If I Could #2….

I would:

  • Quit my job when this baby is born so I could be a full time mommy (not because I don’t love my job, but I love being a mommy more…)
  • Fly to Florida tomorrow so I could see all of my family and friends that I have been neglecting for tooooo long
  • Lose 20 pounds before I have to start putting it all back on again for my baby bump
  • Eat as much ice cream as I want without feeling guilty
  • Fast forward to December 16th at about 9pm (because of this)
  • Go to New York City the week before Christmas
  • Have dinner with Chris and Hope tonight.

The Necessity of Evolution


This is why I must evolve – this little toehead and the baby in my belly –

The options do not include laziness, apathy, whining, making excuses or fear. The option is this – make changes or slowly sink into oblivion…


Oh My Sweet Lord!

We are pregnant!

I’ve been in denial for a couple of weeks – excusing the queasiness for the airplane rides to and from NY and then kiddie rides at the state fair. I was wrong…we are very pregnant and we couldn’t be more excited! I went to the doctor’s office this morning to confirm – I’m about 6 weeks along and due in late June.

Nana and Papa are praying hard for a little girl, obviously – they have already bought the first gift – a pink bunny. Reagan says his little sister’s name is “astronaut”  and he wants her to come out “now!” Seriously, we are going to be thrilled with whatever God has chosen to bless us with.

We appreciate your prayers for us over the next 9 months or so. Leave me some comment love with your baby name suggestions! (feel free to leave off the scary pregnancy and labor stories, please!)


Mute Math – I don’t even know what to say…

Bryan posted some great pictures of our trip to see Mute Math last night – you should go check them out. (Thanks, Iggs, for the photo passes so we could get these!)

I really don’t know what to say other than this was the absolute best concert experience that I can ever remember having. I wish I would have saved my post on “If I Could….” until after this show because my number one thing would be to have the stuff it takes to just lay it all out there during a live performance. Seriously, they don’t hold anything back – from the first moment they came on stage they gave it everything – Carolyn and I just say their speechless the whole show.

So – go check out the pics on Bryan’s blog – check out their music on ITunes if you haven’t yet – and if they are anywhere within driving distance of you…go see their show! Amazing…


If I Could…

I would:

  • sing in a southern gospel quartet. I bet you would never guess this about me – but some of the most fun I’ve ever had musically is singing these amazing harmonies.
  • spend a whole week just staring at Reagan
  • go on vacation for a month to Italy with Don
  • find the time to take guitar lessons again
  • work full time trying to get Angela and Christopher published
  • go to culinary school and then open a restaurant with my smoochie
  • dance like no one was watching
  • start over
  • not have drank that frappachino five minutes ago
  • empty my closet and then go shopping (wait…I’ve done that one before)
  • give all of my wonderful staff big fat raises b/c they all deserve it 🙂
  • sing the national anthem at a nationally televised football game…yea…
  • go to Pottery Barn right now and redo my entire house and office (thanks, Millie, for making me jealous!)
  • live half of every year in Nashville singing backup for country music stars
  • get a tattoo – don’t know what of right now – but I’m feeling a little mischievous at the moment
  • write a book about the transitioning church ( I guess this is one that I could do, isn’t it?)

So – what would you do right now if you could do anything without fear of failure or retribution?

Comments – it’s the only way to show the love


Mute Math Tonight

I get to see these guys tonight at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach…yea, I have a good life!


Don’t worry…


I’m really fine….sometimes I need to post what I’m feeling – it’s therapeutic for me.  So, if you read my last two posts and were concerned about me doing something crazy then rest assured that even if I do surprise everyone and do something “crazy” everything will be ok… 🙂


Evolving Still

So, I feel like I asked more questions than I answered with my post last night. But, that’s the process, isn’t it? Asking….the questions are more important than the answers sometimes. The truth is, we may never know the full story of original intent. I don’t know if I believe in ultimate purpose in the sense of “one thing” you must do with your life or you’ve missed the mark. That’s a lot of pressure on flawed humanity, don’t you think? God made us this way…children who make mistakes – a lot of mistakes – along the way. It’s how we learn and thus I come to this unpopular conclusion. People want to know that they are doing the right thing with their lives – that one thing they were created to do and anything else only leads to unhappiness and defeat. I think that’s bull.

If we pay attention then we’ll get close – but I think we have to pay attention to the right things. It difficult to filter out the opinions of man. People have strong opinions and love to share them, don’t they? Sometimes their motives are purely selfish, though and we must be careful. Being honest about the true desires of our hearts is sooooo difficult to do. This is where the secret things are kept hidden behind years of fear and rejection because if we were truly honest and open about what we really wanted it could be more difficult than we are willing to endure.

I watched a program yesterday with two people dying of cancer and they were discussing how their lives were so much better now that they had this to deal with. It forced them to really live. We never get some magical permission from somewhere to start living and if we wait for it then life passes us by. So, if I knew that I only had a short time left on this earth to live – to make a mark – to be successful – what would I be doing right now?  Would I be struggling with not wanting to dissappoint people? Would I be so worried about what other people might think of me if I became the person I know I could be?

None of us are who we could be – let’s be honest here. There is always room to grow and learn and evolve – if we aren’t then we are giving in to death.  The question is – are we willing to do the work to become who we want to be?

That’s a good question…


Evolving (not a finished dissertation…be patient)

I hate to admit it, but I’m not the person I should be. More times than not I disappoint myself with the way I interact with the world and how I tackle the work that is before me. There are always people who are doing it better than I ever could; people with more passion and skills than I can dream of. This is a difficult place to be – knowing these things about myself. No one wants to feel inferior or seemingly lacking in what you need to do what’s in your heart to do. There are these dreams in me…they are screaming and pounding at the concrete that holds them in.

I wonder how often throughout our lives we are confronted with choices – big choices – HUGE choices – the kind of choices that no matter what decision you make it won’t make everyone happy. I am confronted with these choices now – mountains placed before me without an easy route to the other side. The person I am right now can not make these decisions. I must become the kind of person that allows themselves to upset the waters once in a while. I must learn to be OK with uncertainty enough to take a flying leap off the edge and see what happens.

Flying leaps are not popular moves for people like me…


Monday Morning Brain Dump

It’s that time again…

  • Yesterday was fun…great worship in the service (I have a great team!) and we had a really productive rehearsal last night. (again, I have a great team) They are working so hard on their music for the Christmas program – it’s going to be fabulous!
  • I still can’t get my IPhone activated – I’m on hold with apple support right now – pray for me…
  • This is a busy week – tons of stuff to get done for the Christmas show and still get normal stuff done, too. Help!
  • Mom and Dad are off for a week of vacation in the mountains – they deserve it. Have fun…
  • My house is a mess and I can’t seem to get motivated to do anything. We need to have all of the floors replaced and I need to paint and finish hanging pics but I just can’t get excited about that. (I can, however, get excited about my new IPhone – if I can ever use it!)
  • The staff here at The Rock are studying the book “In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day” by Mark Batterson – if you haven’t read this book already you should. If you find yourself at a place in your life where uncertainty is looming and you sense change coming…you must get this – it’s amazing.
  • I’m trying to evolve. (I’ll post about this later today – stay tuned)

I Love You All! Thanks for reading.

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