Monday Morning Brain Dump

Morning everyone!photo-52.jpg

It’s Monday…again. How does that happen? How does the weekend go by SO fast and then Monday is so painfully long? Anyway, thought I’d purge my brain of all the weekend happenings for your reading pleasure.

*Pre-service rehearsal was brutal yesterday morning. None of us had it going on and it was just plain frustrating if I’m going to be honest. My voice was a big pile of crap – half the band was MIA – we all had temporary brain lapses on vocals (and Tyler on his I Am Free guitar intro). Somehow we pulled it together and had a pretty successul service despite all of that. But I’m wondering what I could have done better to aleviate the pre-service meltdown.
*Dad preached on racism and he brought his A-game as usual. He is such a powerful and provoking speaker – you can check out the podcast later today.
*We had our first Christmas rehearsal last night. Tyler is a rock star…
* Glory Academy had it’s first Company outreach on Saturday at Riverfest downtown Wilmington. I posted some pics in the post below. They did an incredible job and I am so proud of them and Mrs. Casey. They are going to turn the dance culture in Wilmington upside down! If you get a moment, go here and post some comments for them on their pics.
*We all miss Matthew. He’s in Seattle and he got to go hear Mark Driscoll speak yesterday morning at Mars Hill. He taunted us all through church yesterday with text messages about how awesome it was. (thanks for that, Matthew, you’re a true friend) Come home!
*I’m so hungry right now. I keep forgetting to eat. Yesterday I had two bowls of Corn Pops and some ice cream – that’s it. A bunch of sugar and fat (no wonder I was cursing myself last week when I went shopping for jeans..)
*In case you haven’t yet – go check out my friend Christopher’s blog. He is an amazing writer and more people should be reading his stuff. We are in the same head space lately…weird.
*Not only does my mother know how to twitter, she also has this and one of these. My head is spinning so fast – what is this world coming to?
*We’re flying to Rochester this weekend to spend some time with Grammy and Poppie. Reagan hasn’t seen them in a year so we’re packing up and heading out! Apple picking and piles of orange leaves…I can’t wait.
*Did I mention that Tyler is a rock star?


2 Responses to “Monday Morning Brain Dump”

  1. October 9, 2007 at 11:33 am

    You can buy me a house…

    Wait, I guess my comment should reference your post somehow… Let me see… OK… Here goes…

    Last night, I was looking at Matthew’s pictures of his vacation while listening to the podcast of dad’s message on Sunday. The rockin’ sounds of Tyler’s music almost drowned out the slurps and crunches of my Corn Pops. Then suddenly, a thought came to me… Abs could buy me a house.

    It’s the least I can do to help you check something off your list.

  2. October 10, 2007 at 3:27 pm

    I found you from mudpuppy…great bog..
    oh and sorry to hear about your computers death…Im throwin you into my blogroll. It would be killer to be on yours as well.stop by if you can

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