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It Only Got Worse

So…after the first emergency brake screeching last night (see post below)..we sat in the terminal for about two hours waiting to hear something – anything – meanwhile Reagan was WAY past his bedtime. You have to understand me – I am the bedtime Nazi – 8:00 at the latest for my boy. He’s a great sleeper and I don’t want to unsettle that routine. We ran him around the terminal for those two l o n g hours and tried to keep him entertained.

Finally, they came over the intercom and announced that they had fixed the problem and we would be boarding shortly on the same plane. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Abrupt stops mid-takeoff are not my idea of a reassuring start. But – what choice did we have? Sleep on the airport floor? I don’t think so. I had already checked hotel availability in NYC for the night. The cheapest I found for something that wasn’t a rats nest was $300 for a few hours of sleep. I don’t think so…

We boarded a few minutes later and had a normal taxi to our runway. We started to take off again and then just before lift off…..the pilot slammed on the brakes….again. I was on the verge of freaking out at this point. You have to understand something else about me before I go on. I have flown from LA to Korea in a typhoon and slept through the whole thing. I’m not the type of person who is typically fearful – but now I have this amazing this bundle of love to worry about. This is another level completely.

We sat there for a few minutes and then watched as our plane was surrounded by 15-20 firetrucks and ambulances with the lights flashing. What? Are you kidding me?!! This is not happening….is it? Reagan was quite amused by the whole thing. The combination of sleep deprivation and pretty red flashing lights was almost too much for him to bear. He was a giddy mess. I was a different kind of mess.

So there we were – 11:00 at night sitting on the runway at Laguardia with planes landing all around us and the whole NYFD surrounding us. Seriously, I was not OK.

Then – we took off – we freaking took off without one word of explanation from the crew of that airplane. Not once did they give us any information – it was as if nothing had ever happened. Don’t you know that every noise – every shake and shimmy – every bit of turbulence that we felt on that flight home was tortuous. I have never had an issue with US Air – every other flight has been normal – but they really screwed up on this one. They WILL be hearing from me today – they WILL be hearing from my husband today – they WILL be getting a written complaint from us this week. What were they thinking? OH – they can’t see all those FIRETRUCKS out their windows – they’re probably all asleep. Give me a big fat break…




So – we boarded on time…but crept along the runway for about an hour. We finally started to take off then the lights flickered and we slammed on the brakes…got towed back to the gate…got OFF the plane and now we’re sitting in the terminal with no information and it’s past Reagan’s bed time…

For the sake of Pete -(who is Pete, anyway?)

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