I Have The Best Husband….Ever…

So – last Monday was our 8th anniversary but we were in Rochester visiting his family so we couldn’t really celebrate. I had Megan come over tonight and keep the boy so we could go to dinner and catch a movie. (We saw Michael Clayton – and it was incredible)

When I got home from shopping earlier this afternoon, Don told me to close my eyes and he gave me this small box. I fussed at him last week because I have NEVER….in 8 years….been surprised by any gift he’s given me. I fussed at him hard….I was tired of the predictable… So, he made me guess what was in the box. Ummmm….coasters? a very small cookbook? socks?

I wasn’t even close. I opened my eyes – the clouds parted – the angels began to sing – and I saw before me what I never dreamed Don Printy would ever….and I mean ever splurge for. Brace yourselves – he bought me an IPhone! I am speechless at this point. My husband just does not do things like this –

So I have to say that even before this he was the best husband I could ever dream of. He is loving and hilarious, a fabulous father, amazing provider and a big hunk of sexy love šŸ™‚ (did I just type that? I’m channeling my brother)

I am a little bummed b/c AT&T has their system down until 8am tomorrow morning so I can’t activate until then. Oh well…gives me something to look forward to tomorrow!

I Love You, Smoochie!

(after the fact blog post addition….my brother is a dork…read his comment on this post and then tell me I’m lying…)


2 Responses to “I Have The Best Husband….Ever…”

  1. October 21, 2007 at 12:33 pm

    I need to set the record straight. I do think Don is loving, hilarious, a great father and amazing provider for his family. BUT… I have never had the idea that he is a big hunk of sexy love. So, it must be somebody else you are channeling. I have never looked at my brother-in-law that way…

    Now, I just feel… weird…

    Anyway, good job Don! Happy Anniversary.

  2. October 21, 2007 at 4:49 pm

    After all the fuss P.B. has made about Jennifer publicly and ON STAGE I think he has little room to make comments!

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