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This Makes Me Happy


I can’t help it – I just have to show him off every once in a while. Even when he’s making a face like this he’s the cutest thing ever…


Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It’s cold in my office..maybe I should have stayed in Florida for a couple more days.
  • I left at dawn’s crack Thursday morning with Millie to drive to Orlando for Mindy and Daniel’s wedding. We had a great time and the wedding was truly amazing. Small, intimate and so special for all of us that were able to go. You can see Mindy and Daniel’s engagement pictures on Millie’s website.
  • My trip was cut a couple of days short so I came home Saturday and was able to surprise my team Sunday morning. I haven’t sat in the congregation and not led worship since I was on maternity leave with Reagan two years ago. It was great to watch my incredible team as they led the church into an amazing time of celebration – they did a wonderful job! (thanks, team!)
  • There are some great things being stirred up in the hearts of some of our people. This “Dream On” series we have been in for the past four weeks has been really great and is messing up some of us. I can’t wait to see what all happens this year!

It’s My Choice

So, what do you do when people have disappointed you? When people have made choices that negatively affect your world and what you are trying to accomplish?

I remember the people who haven’t – those people who “get it” and seem to do it the right way more than the wrong way. Those are the people that keep me going. I never want the disappointments to outweigh the greatness that is in a lot of the people in my life. And there are some really amazing people…you know who you are. I love you all more than you know…



Some Things I Learned So Far This Week

  • My husband makes a LOT of noise while he sleeps. While I was lying wide awake ALL NIGHT last night, I think I counted exactly 73 unique sounds coming from his side of the bed. arrggghhhh….
  • Monday Night TV sucks – I found myself watching some awful “Mrs. America Reality Check” on TLC – wow – my brain must have been in serious need of a break.
  • From now on I will ALWAYS outline the boundaries of a meeting before we start. geeeeezzzz
  • Finding a wedding gift for a bride that has not registered anywhere is stressful. (It’s a good thing I really love her!)
  • If I don’t communicate well to Reagan’s nannies, he eats Mac and Cheese three days in a row.
  • Ice Cream does not make my troubles go away – no matter how much I eat.

It’s SOOO Cold! (and other monday morning thoughts)

The doors on my Highlander crunched when I opened them today….that’s just too cold – unless it’s just going to go ahead and snow. I can put up with the cold if there is something to enjoy about it. Otherwise, I could do without. One day I want to retire on a beach somewhere…

Yesterday was another great day for our church. As we continue to reshape our understanding of vision, I can see our church family beginning to be stretched a little. I think we’ve been coasting for too long now – waiting to see what was going to happen next. (rightfully so considering all that HAS happened around here) But it’s time to move forward and really take big steps toward what God has always intended us to be. His plan for us has never changed – He knew forever ago what He wanted us to look like, sound like, act like in 2008 but it’s really up to us to see that happen. He’s never going to force anything on us – it’s our decision to make. Either we get off our butts – quit whining about how hard it’s been – and stop waiting around for the heaven’s to split open over a Sunday morning service or we stay where we’ve been for the past several years. People – it’s not going to happen unless we MAKE it happen! I believe that vision and purpose are divinely inspired by Holy Spirit, but we must take that inspiration and put feet to it.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to put feet to my part of this vision. How am I going to take this Creative Art’s department to the next level?  How do I get my feet out of the mud and on the road to explosive growth and new opportunities? I don’t think I have my thoughts formed enough yet to spill them all out here…more on that to come. But let me just say this – to my amazing team and staff – get yourself ready. If you are still on the fence about your commitment here – make up your mind. We definitely do not need people in leadership positions who aren’t sure if this is where they are supposed to be. Brace yourself – it’s going to be a wild ride this year!


My Son Loves Dog Food


Not really…but we do find him hiding in the dog food bin quite often. I don’t know what’s wrong with him…he gets that from his father…


Monday Morning Brain Dump

  • This weekend was amazing. Our girls did such an amazing job in all of their classes at Dance Revolution and were little troopers all weekend! My staff and all of the moms who went with us were incredible! Thanks for doing such a great job, everyone! Felicia won the essay contest, “If I Had One Minute With Jesus, What Would I Say To Him?” She won a scholarship to next year’s conference and $250! Go, Felicia!
  • I LOVE Glory Academy – I LOVE that God has blessed us with such a wonderful way to minister to this community.
  • I woke up at 4:15 Sunday morning so I could drive three hours to lead worship in church yesterday. I was cursing that alarm for waking me up at that awful hour, but I am so glad I got my butt out of that warm bed and drove home. The service was incredible yesterday – worship was just what it needed to be – and I was thankful to be with my team.
  • The message yesterday was intense…honestly, I had no idea what PR was going to minister on yesterday and at times I felt my stomach getting a little queasy. The vision that is being laid out for our ministry of arts is HUGE! I have to tell you all that I am a little intimidated by it all – but I am reminded of something that was said at this conference this weekend. “If you are comfortable where you are then God probably isn’t using you.” I know that this is the year to step everything up in a BIG way and I have to trust that He is going to help us by providing the human resources and the money to make it all happen. We have to do this together – cause Lord knows none of us could do it alone.
  • I took a great nap with Reagan yesterday. Sunday’s are our time to snuggle in Mommy’s bed and sleep as long as we want. It’s my favorite.
  • My smoochie is the best – he took great care of Reagan while I was away – he did laundry, cleaned the bathroom and went to the grocery store, too! I’ve got me a pretty good man, don’t I?

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