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Sunday Afternoon Brain Dump

  • Leading Worship with a cold and a killer sinus headache is NOT fun… I hope no one could tell…I tried to just suck it up. But now what SUCKS is that I’m missing Board Game Olympics at Millie’s house! 😦
  • Bryan put together a great message bumper video for our new series, Dream On. (The fact that it has my little supermodel in it doesn’t hurt, either!) Hopefully he’ll post it on his blog in the next couple of days. (hint, hint!)
  • I wore some new prego pants today from Gap – they would NOT stay in their place so I felt like I was constantly yanking up my britches all morning. arrggghh
  • I want there to be unsaved people in our services every Sunday…I was sad this morning b/c either no one invited their unsaved friends/family or our message didn’t get through to them. That’s my dream for this year – that our weekend services will draw people to His heart and bring them to the knowledge of Christ EVERY week – not just when we have an over the top event.
  • Don is cleaning out the back room so we can start on the new baby’s nursery. Hopefully we can pick out something pink this time… 🙂
  • Reagan is redecorating the entire house with his collection of “Cars”’s treacherous trying to walk through the house right now –
  • There are a couple of “issues” that I have to deal with this week that I have a feeling I’m going to try my best to avoid.

So – there it is – my thoughts on a quiet Sunday afternoon – have a wonderful week, everyone! All my love to every one of you!


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