Thoughts From The Weekend

  • Got a call from my doctor on Thursday to tell me my strep test came back positive. Great…I’m not real big on antibiotics anyway, but especially while I’m pregnant. They are way too over-prescribed and generally work against our bodies’ God-given ability to heal itself. But – I definitely do not want to pass strep on to the baby so I reluctantly began the 10 day hell of prescription drugs…yuck.
  • I went on a cleaning binge Saturday…it had gotten way out of hand at my house and was almost at intervention status. I can breathe a bit easier now…
  • Sunday went really well – especially given the fact that I was leading worship while still recovering from strep throat. When I am weak, He is strong! My team is amazing and I am blessed week after week to work with such dedicated and passionate people. We had Neil Blake ministering with us – he is planning a HUGE festival in Israel this May – if I wasn’t having a baby about that time I would definitely be heading that way. So, in preparation for his ministry with us, our list was: You Give Me Joy, Great God, We Speak To Nations (Israel Houghton) & Hear Us From Heaven (Jared Anderson). Great set list – perfect for the message that followed and just some of my favorite songs…
  • Got to watch some of the Grammy’s last night until I fell asleep right before Amy Winehouse performed. (of course) I kept wondering if they were actually going to give out any awards? Geez – I think they were an hour into the show and had only given out two Grammy’s. What’s up with that? There were several really great performances and a lot that I could have done without. I do have to say that even though I LOVE Alicia Keys – I can not stand it when she leans over to play the piano and sticks her butt out…it just looks awkward…
  • My dear friend, Israel Anthem was nominated for best video direction for Mute Math’s Typical video. I am so excited for him! The Johnny Cash video took home the prize, but I’m sure it was such an honor for him to be nominated! Congratulations, Iggs!
  • Did you hear….we’re having a GIRL!!!!

4 Responses to “Thoughts From The Weekend”

  1. 1 Hope
    February 12, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    Congratulations on your little princess…time for all things pink and frilly!

  2. February 13, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    HoRay! HoRay! HoRay! Congratulations! Daughters are so wonderful. Right up until they start commenting on your belly fat and trying to pick out your clothes for you… oh, and rolling their eyes when you talk.

    But yes, they are super! I wouldn’t part with mine for all the treasure of the universe. For one thing, they’re a lot less likely to stick peas up their noses or some of those other wonderful boy things.

    Love your cute pictures of Reagan. He’s getting so tall and stretched-out looking. Not so much baby chubby anymore. He’s starting to look a little grown up.

    Miss you-

  3. February 15, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    Congratulations! Girls are so much fun! How blessed are we that get at least one of each. They are soooo different. Reagan will have a little sister to beat up other boys over. She will give him new purpose in life. He will adore her. I’m so happy for you and Don….& Reagan.

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