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Notes From C3 – Bishop TD Jakes

This one is difficult to post – my notes don’t even do this message justice…all I can say is, “wow”! I’ll definitely have to watch the DVD’s of this one over and over and over again…. But in the meantime, here are a few things to ponder…

Session II – TD Jakes – The Order of the Breaking of Bread
• Luke 24.13-31
• The cost of leadership is conflict
• Those who said they knew him best did not recognize him when he appeared on the road to Emmaus – it’s the same today…
• If you do anything other than the status quo, expect to be ignored or criticized because Jesus has shown up in your city in a different form
• They did not recognize Him as the Lord of the Kingdom b/c He was doing things in a new & different way
• The beginning of true wisdom and leadership is to understand that you don’t know enough
• God can show you more than you can study
• There are so moments with God that we should plead for Him to stay – abide with us!
• He made as if He was leaving them to provoke them to beg Him to stay – to be thirsty
• When it seems to be dry in your ministry, it’s God trying to provoke us to be thirsty after Him
• God is a play-actor – becoming what we need to see – He’s bigger than you think He is…bigger than your budget, your board…
• They saw Him in the order of the breaking of bread – in the ordinary nature of Jesus
• People perceive Jesus in the simple things
• He took it, He blessed it, He broke and He gave it to them – something in His motions caused them to see Him/recognize Him (2 fish and 5 loves and at the communion table – they were familiar with this)
• He does this with any man He ever touches – He takes us, blesses us, breaks us and then gives us
• “Taking” stage – snatching/detaching stage from what is familiar or expected
• “Blessing” stage – everything is coming up gold – everything you touch is being blessed
• “Breaking” stage – He breaks us because He loves us, to prove you are a son and not a bastard. Breaking your pride, your will and your flesh. It can take years to understand that the breaking stage is really the blessing stage. You will learn more in the breaking stage than in any other stage – this is when we KNOW Him.


Notes From C3 – Tommy Barnett

Tommy Barnett, Pastor of Phoenix First Assembly, spoke the first session this morning. He is a pastor’s pastor and has such a heart for this generation. Here are my notes…

Session 1 – Tommy Barnett – The Honor of Wanting To Quit
•    Wanting to quit is a sign of success – if you want to quit, it means you have “something” to quit!
•    The more you have to quit, the more you want to quit. The higher you go, the more frightening it becomes – the lonelier it becomes – the riskier it becomes…
•    You can enjoy the luxury of wanting to quit if you know you’re not going to quit
•     If you have quality, you’ll have quantity – you’ll add to the church daily
•    A burden comes and goes, but the call of God is what gets you up when you don’t feel like going on
•    Until the anointing kicks in, we’ve got Starbucks! ☺
•    To keep from quitting, you must burn the bridges behind you – all the other desires
•    Don’t tell anyone you want to quit when you want to quit
•    Don’t expose yourself to what you don’t want to be – hang around people who are positive
•    If you don’t want to quit, lock yourself in so you can’t

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