Notes From C3 – Tommy Barnett

Tommy Barnett, Pastor of Phoenix First Assembly, spoke the first session this morning. He is a pastor’s pastor and has such a heart for this generation. Here are my notes…

Session 1 – Tommy Barnett – The Honor of Wanting To Quit
•    Wanting to quit is a sign of success – if you want to quit, it means you have “something” to quit!
•    The more you have to quit, the more you want to quit. The higher you go, the more frightening it becomes – the lonelier it becomes – the riskier it becomes…
•    You can enjoy the luxury of wanting to quit if you know you’re not going to quit
•     If you have quality, you’ll have quantity – you’ll add to the church daily
•    A burden comes and goes, but the call of God is what gets you up when you don’t feel like going on
•    Until the anointing kicks in, we’ve got Starbucks! ☺
•    To keep from quitting, you must burn the bridges behind you – all the other desires
•    Don’t tell anyone you want to quit when you want to quit
•    Don’t expose yourself to what you don’t want to be – hang around people who are positive
•    If you don’t want to quit, lock yourself in so you can’t


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