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Thoughts From The Weekend

I am so glad to be home! We had a great time in Nashville at The River and in Dallas for the C3 conference, but it was a LONG trip and I missed my boys SO much! My smoochie was really sick while I was gone and I felt like a terrible wife and mother for being away when my family needed me. But, realistically, it was better for the prego to not be around the nastiness…

I’ve still been struggling with my throat and voice, but decided to do a pretty ambitious Sunday set list anyway…that was probably a mistake. I fought it the whole time but my team did a great job backing me up and filling in all the holes. (thanks, guys!) Here are some other thoughts from the weekend…

  • Fellowship Church has it going on…they rock my creative world every time I get the chance to experience their environment. It’s not just about creating entertainment, it’s about being passionate about your message – and doing everything in your creative power to point people to Jesus. It’s difficult to come back from an experience like that and not feel just a little bit discouraged by how much work there really is to be done to get us from where we are to where we need to be. So many things need to be tweaked – some minor and some MAJOR. God, help me through this process so I don’t go absolutely crazy!
  • Dad was amazing yesterday. Our current series is “Question Authority” – you can go here and check out the podcast of the messages. Yesterday’s topic was about whether or not it was appropriate for Christians to use alcohol or tobacco products…a tough one to tackle and yet he did it with grace and love and I was proud of our people for hanging in there with him. I’m glad to be a part of a church that isn’t legalistic on topics that the Bible does not tackle as a black and white issue.
  • The little girl is getting so active – Don felt her move last night for the first time. It’s like she’s doing gymnastics in there all the time now. 🙂
  • OK, so I went a little crazy in Nashville shopping for the baby…come on, what do you expect?
  • We still haven’t chosen a name yet..we’re being so much more picky with this one. Reagan was an easy choice but we can’t agree on anything with this one yet. Any suggestions?
  • Our first parent meeting for the GAFA production is tonight…wow, here we go!
  • I was SO SO happy that Glen Hansard won the Oscar for best song last night…truly amazing song writer and performer and I would have thrown up if one of those songs from “Enchanted” would have won instead – that would have just been sad…

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