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Myles Munroe Notes

This morning, Dr. Munroe met with our staff and spent about 2 1/2 hours teaching us about leadership. Here are my notes – I have not checked them for spelling or clarity (I was typing pretty fast).

03.31.08 Myles Munroe Staff Leadership Mtg – Teamwork
*No one can climb beyond the limitations he has placed on him or herself. Success is never final; failure is never fatal. Have courage!
*Failure is only an incident – there is more than just failure – there is success behind the failure. Don’t be paralyzed by your failure.
*What you have done is not all you are capable of doing.
Session 1 Leadership –
•    Flocks of sheep never have a leader – they change their pattern of movement based on whoever is in front of them at the moment. This is why sheep need a shepherd. No other animal in the animal kingdom needs a human.
•    God gave us LEADERSHIP instructions – “Have dominion” – to govern, to rule, to manage, to control, to lead – to initiate progress – He did not create us to be sheep.
•    Compassion is hatred against evil – against hurt – compassion moves a person to help someone
•    Matthew 9
•    Human condition is based on the absence or presence of leadership
•    An army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an arm of lions led by a sheep
•    What makes the lion the leader? Attitude… He understands the concept of leadership – you attitude can promote you faster than your degrees – can make you more money than hard work
•    Attitude separates followers from leaders
•    The source of attitude is belief
•    You cannot live beyond your convictions – whatever you believe controls your attitude
•    Whatever you see with your eyes is not interpreted by your eyes but by your belief system
•    Leadership is b/w your ears
•    We were all born with the leadership spirit but we can’t lead unless we have a spirit of leadership.
•    The lion is the leader b/c he BELIEVES he is.
•    God designed us to need people
•    No great accomplishment has ever been done by one individual – no matter who gets the trophy, it is b/c of a team.
•    Mankind is designed to need another
•    Everyone was created to fulfill a need
•    Every THING was created to fulfill a need
•    Each human being is a solution to a problem
•    Divine defects guarantee the need for teams – Exodus 4
•    Whatever God calls for He provides for
•    God’s commands are equal to your ability – He wouldn’t demand what He did not already give you
•    Your defect will be someone else’s assignment
•    When you delegate, you give people value – you help them find their assignment – their sense of worth.
•    The less you do, the greater you make other people. The ultimate test of your leadership is your absence
•    The first act of a leader in a new assignment is to look for their replacement
•    Teamwork is the result of everyone having a defect
•    Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration generated by a passion ignited by a purpose
•    The principle leaders’ job is definition and inspiration – others can do the management
•    If you can’t inspire, you have to manipulate – causing you to be a dictator
•    Leaders are simply people who dare to be themselves and are able to express themselves fully

Session 2 – Leadership – The Principles of Teamwork

•    Partnership is God’s idea – Gen 2.18 – it is not good for man to be alone
•    Teamwork is necessary for fulfillment of purpose – Gen 1.26-28 – “let them”
•    Domain – territory
•    Lead in your own area of gifting
•    Teamwork is God’s plan for leadership Exodus 4.13-17
•    Teamwork is emphasized by Jesus Matthew 4.18-22
•    Paul understood the need for partnership – Philippians 4.21; Titus 3.15
•    Teamwork give opportunity for participation – when people participate you give them value
•    Teamwork provides the environment for others talents and gifts to be released
•    Allow people to fail gracefully – allow them the room to make a mistake
•    A great leader knows that when others succeed, he will ultimately get the credit
•    Teamwork gives personal and corporate satisfaction
•    If you want to live long, build a team
•    Teamwork gives value to each part and member – to the individual and the organization
•    What makes a business successful is added value.
•    Teamwork recognizes the value to each part/person
•    Teamwork is the appreciation/respect of the diversity of gifts – God is smart enough not to give you everything
•    Romans 12.3-5 – Teamwork develops self-leadership (“Let him…” allow them to function)

Principles of Team Work

•    Start with Team Goals
•    Select the right people
•    Define everyone’s role – be clear about responsibilities so that everyone can know what to expect/demand from one another
•    Empower the team (Power of Decision)
•    Open your talent bank
•    Appreciate differing styles – not everyone is like you!
•    Establish ground rules
•    Create a relaxed atmosphere – people won’t follow you if they don’t like you
•    Prepare a work plan – prepare the work plan and then let them work out the details
•    Get the Word Done!
•    Hold effective meetings – establish what you want to accomplish, create guidelines for the meeting and then go home!
•    Build external networks
•    Resolve conflicts effectively –diversity is opportunity for conflict – if you can not resolve the conflict the team will dissolve
•    Own the moment! Take responsibility – let your team take responsibility for what is happening in that moment.
•    Build a climate of trust
•    Communicate and communicate and communicate…. meetings are the secret to success
•    Get everyone committed to the team
•    Make decisions by consensus (not referring to the vision, but to operations)
•    Reward team results
•    Assess team performance – you MUST measure peoples success
•    Celebrate team accomplishments

Your vision defines your market –


pc’s are from hell

stupid computer, PC

this is what my screen has looked like for the past 30 minutes.  it shouldn’t take that long, should it? you can tell how often i use this beast since i still have the christmas artwork up. 🙂

thank the Lord I can swing around in my desk chair and get back to work on my Mac! (I love you, Steve Jobs!)




Reagan Printy Lion Costume

Mrs. Valerie brought my son a very special gift this morning…. he’s been running around the office scaring people all morning… 🙂 (thanks, Valerie!)



So, I’m getting tired of repeating myself.

But, I guess that’s the way it goes if you want people to hear you .


Easter Service

Catalyst Easter

Yesterday was an incredible expression of our churches’ desire to minister the love of Christ to our city. Bryan brought a great word to us about allowing Christ to be the Catalyst in our lives that causes us to reach out with love and compassion to the lost and dying of our city. He grabbed this picture after the service – after many had come forward and written in permanent ink all over the front of our stage – the names of those that they are going to be an expression of Christ to. We can’t get away from them now – they will be in our line of vision EVERY time we stand to worship – EVERY time we come into this building on Sundays. It’s not about us anymore – God forgive us for thinking it ever was.

This thing we do every weekend is much more important than we have allowed ourselves to commit to. There are tens of thousands of people in this city who do not know Christ – they are lost! Yes – Christ has already paid the price for their freedom, but because they do not know about it they can not LIVE it. But we can’t ignore it anymore – these names are going to stare at us every time we come in here – and every time we start to loose focus about what it’s all about….


Sunday Thoughts

Today has been an amazing day. So much to write about – so much to think and meditate on – God is doing some interesting things around here and I am truly thankful to be a part of it. But, I have to say that the BEST part of today is this little guy…

Reagan Easter 2008

Isn’t he amazing?

Some other thoughts about today:

  • The day started early – got to the church at 7:15 to meet some of the guys early to finish up some prep for the service. Tyler, Matthew and Kevin are some of the most incredible people on earth and I am blessed to be a part of this team. Thanks guys for getting up early to make things happen… (the rest of the team is pretty amazing, too…)
  • Everyone brought their A-game today – all of the different elements came together to bring a message of transformation and hope to this city. Carolyn and her team – as always – did such a great job with all of the technical aspects of the service. They really take their jobs seriously and the atmosphere they set every week makes such a difference. I hope to have some pics to post tomorrow. It’s hard to capture the spirit of a service in photos, but I’m sure Matthew got some great shots.
  • The house was packed today with regulars, their family members and visitors from the community. I hope they went away from the service with a better understanding of the sacrifice Jesus made for us and with a renewed desire to reach out to this city with the love of Christ. I can’t imagine anyone leaving the service today without a fire being lit under their butts. 🙂
  • After the service, the family headed over to mom and dads for dinner and an egg hunt in the back yard. We had a great time – thanks, Mom and Dad!
  • This week promises to be a busy one. We are hosting Myles Monroe next weekend – Sunday AM & PM and Monday PM. If you are anywhere within driving distance of us, you do not want to miss these special services. You can go here to find more information.
  • The following week is a HUGE one for us – all of our new lighting is being installed in the sanctuary and we prepare for the painters to come in a transform our worship space. Get ready, people – this is going to Rock your world!
  • That’s all for now – Make it a great week, everyone!

How He Loves Us

This video – this song just messed me up. Thanks, Carlos, for posting this. In case you are wondering, Rockers, we WILL be learning this song immediately.


the boy knows how to find the right buttons…

So – Reagan has started something new the past couple of weeks. He has started to have melt down’s while leaving with his sitters every morning. For months he has galloped off happily with Donna and Meagan and barely even looked back to say goodbye – but now he sees them coming and starts saying, “No! I want YOU!” while working up big croc tears.

I KNOW they go through phases and I KNOW that 5 seconds after he is out the door he is all smiles and playtime and I KNOW that all the drama is just that…drama. But – it still sucks to hand your child over to someone else day after day and know that they will spend more time with him than I will during the course of that day.

I’m just saying….


The Matthews Are Sick…


This is what I walked into a few minutes ago in our ministry offices. Pastor Matthew and Matthew are shooting a video for Flipside Ladies’ Night – I think they are both a little bit sicko! What do you think?


Making The Difficult Decisions

So, every now and then all of us have to stand our ground and do what God has called us to do – no matter what other people may say. It seems like this year I’ve had to do more of that than ever and I confess it is tiring. Fulfilling vision is NEVER easy – getting people to grasp the vision is NEVER easy – but that is our job – to help people “get it” so that they can “run with it”.

Responsibility is heavy….

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