Monday Morning Thoughts on Tuesday

I was out yesterday with a snotty little toe-head. Reagan has been yucky for a couple of weeks and when his regular Monday nanny, Donna, had to go out of town to a memorial service, I got to stay home with my boy! I have to admit that he is the best little guy in whole world – even when he’s sick he is so much fun. I could hang out with him all day every day. 🙂

So – my thoughts from the weekend… I know you’re all absolutely dying to know…

  • My smoochie gave me a gift certificate for a pre-natal massage on Valentine’s Day. So, Saturday I cashed in! Ki Spa has been voted #1 day spa in Wilmington for the past several years and I now know why. It was amazing. I could go every week for the rest of my pregnancy. (So, if anyone is wondering what gift they should get Abbye this week… hint, hint…)
  • We bought a big boy bed for Reagan Saturday. It’s a set of bunk beds with canopies and peep holes and pockets – he’s going to freak out when it arrives!
  • We are having the floors replaced in the whole house over the next couple of weeks. Please pray for my sanity –
  • Sunday morning pre-service rehearsal was, well….it was frustrating. Nothing sounded quite right and I just wasn’t feeling anything click like it should. But – as is usually the case – everyone brought it during the real deal. I finally felt like my voice is getting somewhat back to normal – just in time for this baby to be big enough to inhibit my ability to BREATH!
  • Rehearsal Sunday night – learning new worship stuff for the Easter series, Catalyst. I think the singers all felt a little stretched by the new stuff – but they know they can do it! (you can do it, guys…)
  • GAFA production, “Creation” in 2 1/2 months. Eeeek! I’m going to go throw up now…
  • It’s 74 degrees outside right now. Reagan is at the beach today with Donna – I’m not jealous at all. 🙂
  • 16 weeks until baby girl arrives! (no, we have NOT decided on a name yet. Good grief!)

Have a fabulous week!


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