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Thoughts From The Weekend

It seems like forever since I have posted something! I’m in some kind of time warp, I think…

Anyway – it’s been another very full week and weekend and I just don’t see where it is going to end!

  • Last week I tried to recover for a couple of days after the “Creation” show was done. I took Monday and Tuesday “off” but ended up working quite a bit from home. Things still have to get done! I did go Tuesday afternoon for an hour and a half pre-natal massage and a pedicure (since I can no longer reach my feet on my own). Thanks, smoochie, for the gift certificate to Ki Spa! (I have another one to use next week from my amazing GAFA staff!) <smile>
  • The weekend was really nice. I spent the whole day Friday with my Reagan and we had a wonderful time. He is the best thing ever… Saturday I went to Lauren’s wedding shower and then to Johnny and Helen’s house for my baby shower. Thanks so much to everyone who helped with the party – I was truly honored and blessed by my wonderful church and GAFA family and I definitely feel much more prepared now for Rylee’s arrival. Thanks!
  • Yesterday was Memorial Day and I was so glad my smoochie got to take the day off. We had a wonderful family day – Castle Hayne Park in the morning and downtown Wilmington for lunch and a stroll on the boardwalk. We ate lunch at the Pilot House and then had ice cream at Kilwin’s. Reagan had superman ice cream and, as you can see, enjoyed every lick
  • There are a lot of cool things happening this week around here. I’m excited to see how things start to take shape as we continue on this crazy path we’re on!
  • Only four more weeks until Baby Rylee shows up! (I would be happy with about two more, if you ask me). The nursery is almost finished and I am feeling more prepared every day.
  • Make this week a great one, everybody! Have some fun…


This weekend was the culmination of months of work – nine months to be exact. Glory Academy began it’s 10th year in Wilmington this past August and for the past nine months, 65+ students have been working their little patooties off in technique classes and discipleship training so that they could use their gifts for the glory of our Lord. All year – every month – we minister out in our community through the gift of dance – then it all builds up to one HUGE show in May to end our season.

I have to say that I am speechless when it comes to describing how I feel about what took place this weekend. We have some of the best families on the planet at Glory Academy that are dedicated to restoring integrity to the arts in the church. They are amazing and I feel so honored to work with them every week. I also have the most incredible staff anywhere…Melanie, Casey, Lynne, Carolyn, Ashely, Rachel, Elaine and Tim – thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to this ministry.

Now for some pictures…I know that’s what you all really want…Millie Holloman and Matthew Ray came to shoot the show and they captured some really nice shots. These particular shots are from Millie. Thanks for letting me re-post these. You are the best, Mills!

This first set of shots are from the first scene – when God separated the light from the darkness…

This is several of our ballet classes – “Water”

Hip Hop 1 & 2 – “Light”

Pointe “Animals”- this is Victoria Jarman

Kristin and Kenna – “Sun and Moon”

Beginning Tap – “Penguins”

Beginning Ballet – this is Serenna Eason – isn’t she adorable?

Pre-Ballet “Butterflies” – Isabelle Carillo

Jazz “Earth and Sky” – Hannah Jarman

Adam and Eve – Melanie Haulman and Christian McCullen

Thanks, everyone! More pictures to come!


I Just Had To

Matthew took this picture yesterday at Aunt Jen’s House – and I couldn’t help myself – I had to post…

I think I have the cutest, most incredible boy in the whole world!


Big Dreams

When Don and I made the decision for me to step down as Creative Arts Director at The ROCK, we knew it was because our children were the most important thing in our lives. Reagan is the best gift I have ever been given – more than I could EVER dream to ask for. Rylee is coming in seven weeks and I can only imagine how much more love my little heart can muster. God’s gifts are always perfect and I can’t wait to finally see this little girl face to face and kiss her about a million times. This is why we made our decision – so I could stay home more and focus my attention on them.

Since deciding to make this change, I have realized that God’s intentions are far greater than we first thought. They usually are…

He’s been keeping me up at night – bombarding my heart and my mind with new ideas and big fat dreams. I was worried that my ability to create would be severely limited when I gave up my full time “payed” position and that I would be relegated to the nether-regions of mommy hood for the rest of my days. What I have discovered is that giving myself the room – clearing my mind of TOO much – has given me the permission to start thinking again and believing again in what I could truly accomplish if I decide to make it happen.


Monday Morning Brain Dump

  • I did it! I actually remembered to brain dump on Monday – thanks, Tim for the reminder. 🙂
  • Last week was CRAZY! So much is going on in every area of my life right now – I am almost overwhelmed, but then I remember that God never puts more on us than we can handle and so I trust in that grace and carry on!
  • I’ve been trying to put together budgets for GAFA’s upcoming 08-09 season – trying to predict some unpredictable things has proven to be quite interesting to say the least. When God starts putting BIG, FAT dreams in your heart it requires you to think outside the box and plan with lots of faith. (tempered with a good does of practical reality, though) I can’t wait to see how He provides for this vision He has put in my heart – I can’t see how it will all come together but I am excited…
  • Reagan spent the night with Nana and Papa on Friday night so Don and I got to go on a date. That hasn’t happened in a while and we had a great time. We went to the opening concert of the Airlie Gardens summer Jazz series. This is my favorite thing to do during the summer – every 1st Friday of the month they have a big concert under the oaks. Everyone brings a picnic dinner and the kids run around and have a great time. Two of my dear friends are playing the next two months. Benny Hill (I went to college with Benny at UNCW) will be playing the 1st Friday night in June and David Pray (a wonderful friend to me and to this ministry) will be playing the 1st Friday night in August. Be sure to go check them out. Don and I will be there!

  • Saturday, we had our second Saturday tech rehearsal for GAFA’s upcoming show, “Creation”. The girls are doing an amazing job and you do not want to miss this event! Be sure to purchase your tickets from any of our students, at The ROCK, or on line HERE. You can also stop by the church/studio offices anytime and pick up tickets for the Friday night, May 16th show or the Saturday afternoon, May 17th show. They are $5 in advance or $7 at the door. Thanks to Alpha Mortgage, Perry’s Emporium, Beth Simcha, Jeff and Judy Spedding and The ROCK for their generous sponsorships of this event

  • This was the picture at my house Saturday night after a full day of work and punching off the honey-do list. Molly thinks she is a lap dog…and despite what my husband may say about this, he likes it…

  • Yesterday’s service was really great. My team did such a wonderful job leading the people into worship. I am always so honored to work with this incredible group of men and women. The set list was
  1. Let God Arise – Chris Tomlin
  2. The Time Has Come – Hillsong United
  3. For Who You Are – Hillsong
  4. Hosanna – Brooke Fraser (I never get tired of this song – and Haley, you rocked it, girl!
  • Dad continued to minister about the upcoming transition. He always does such an wonderful job of walking our people through something that may initially be difficult – he has wisdom beyond my ability to comprehend and I am thrilled that he and mom will continue to be a vital part of the life of this house even after PB is set as the senior pastor in August. I hope you are all communicating both your support and your observations to him and to Bryan. This is an exciting time and I pray that all of us will get on board and support this new season of ministry. You can download an MP3 of last week’s as well as yesterday’s message HERE by the end of the day tomorrow.
  • This week promises to be another CRAZY one! Pray for us as we countdown to next weekend and as I make preparations to welcome Baby Rylee into the world. There is much to do and I need the grace of God and the support of my family and friends to make it happen! Thanks, everyone – you don’t know how much you all mean to me!

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