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No news is not necessarily good news…

So – I had about three hours of contractions on Monday night – and then….. nothing….

Everyone who even halfway knows me knows that I am NOT a patient person – it’s one of my biggest faults – so this has been a difficult week for me. My due date is Sunday so I’m trying not to get too restless until then.

Anyway – stay tuned for more details! We’ll be sure to post pictures whenever she finally decides to make her entrance!


Baby Update

Hi, everyone! It may be a while before I can post anything again – although I will try my best to post a picture or two once Rylee decides she is ready to come out… 🙂

Reagan and I went to see the doctor this morning to see if we are making any progress – he is very interested in this whole process. The baby is head down – very LOW down – and I am one centimeter dilated. Hopefully we can get this girl moving soon!

We really appreciate all of your prayer during this time – we love our family and friends so much and are grateful for all of the support!

Abbye, Don and Reagan


A Few Things That Make Me Happy

  • I have a new red front door. Not just a red door – but a red wood and glass storm door – finally! It’s been sitting in our garage for about five months…
  • I have a new screen back door. It’s open right now so I can hear the birds, the rain and the thunder and I can SMELL the rain, too. Yummy – 🙂
  • My smoochie is cleaning out the garage today so I can actually park the car inside. Yesterday I had to get Reagan out of his car seat with lightening striking IN our yard – not good. But that will be remedied today. 🙂
  • I made homemade pancakes today for my boys – with turkey bacon and chicken/apple sausage. This is probably the last time for a while that I will able do this for them, so I really enjoyed it this morning.
  • Baby Rylee is coming this week! Well…we’re due on Sunday, so I assume she will make her entrance sometime in the next seven days. Come on, girl! The nursery is ready and my bags are packed – the house is almost ready but I’m trying to let go of the last few things on the list and get a grip on the fact that it’s ok if EVERYTHING is not completely done. (that’s a tough one
  • I just bought the new Coldplay album on ITunes – LOVE IT!

Yesterday, Reagan put his little yellow ball into his shirt and told me he had a baby sister in his belly. Then he asked if I wanted to feel her move so I put my hand on his round belly and his started jerking himself all around to simulate the baby kicking…hilarious! He’s such a funny little guy and he’s going to be such an amazing big brother!

So – what makes you happy today?


Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

This morning we woke up early so we could go have father’s day breakfast at Causeway Cafe – yummy! I stuffed myself on pancakes, bacon, cheese grits and fresh orange juice! We had a great time but it was really strange to be out with all the regular people on Sunday morning instead of at church for rehearsals. I felt like a heathen… 🙂

We pulled up to the church at 9:45…..9:45! That was just weird….but exciting at the same time. I am barreling ahead into a brand new season of my life and have such total peace about where God is leading me. I know that He has me and my family right where He wants us – and He has such amazing provision in place for our church. As we walked in the back door (I still have a parking space!), I could hear my team in the studio praying – I could hear all of them lifting up their voices together as they prepared their hearts to lead His people in worship. It was an amazing sound….

As I sat on the front row before church, I was so happy when they opened up the backstage door and they all came out with such contagious excitement on their faces! I knew it was going to be a great service…and it was.

From the very first note, there was a new sound in the building and I was almost taken back. I know that God has greater levels of skill and anointing for us in this new season – and I am grateful that we are not in “coast” mode. David is such an amazing man of God – his wife Karen is such an incredibly anointed woman of God – and they are here to facilitate growth in the creative arts’ department. It’s not just about how great of a musician and artist he is, or how talented Karen is – it’s about worshiping our God and leading His people into greater levels of relationship with Him. I am honored to have them on board with us as we move forward and can’t wait what all God has in store for us.

I have to admit that I am anxious to have this baby, take a little time to recover and then get back on the team as a volunteer! Excitement for the purpose of God is building around our church and I am glad to be a part of it! Let’s all welcome David and Karen to the family!


I Feel Weird

Last night Don, Reagan and I were sitting at the dinner table finishing up when I realized that my team was assembling right at that moment over at the church….without me. They had their first rehearsal sans PA and it really hit me last night that a long season of my life is drawing to a close and I have to admit that I feel weird about that.

They are being left in very capable hands (you’ll find out who’s hands this coming Sunday morning) and I am excited about handing things over to a new creative leader – it’s going to be an amazing time at The ROCK as we see how God is lining everything up just the way He wants them. These decisions are never easy and are never up to us – He know so much better than we do what we really need and it’s when we learn to trust Him, even in the difficult decisions, that we truly begin to walk in freedom and joy in our lives.

When I finish typing this post, I will go back to packing up my office and loading up my car. (I LOVE my office, by the way, and will miss it terribly when I have to go pile all of my GAFA stuff up in my tiny house) Monday morning, PB will take over my corner office and I think there will be a massive session of musical offices for a few days as staff members jockey for their spot. Despite all the pleas – the couch is going down to the GAFA office for a while. (sorry, everyone!)

I love my job and will miss it terribly. But – I love my family enough to take a break for a while and try to be a better mommy to Reagan and Rylee and a better leader of Glory Academy. I can’t wait to see how my team takes off into this new season – it’s going to be incredible! I love you all –



Monday Morning Brain Dump on Tuesday…

Yea – this week is definitely not going like I thought it would. This is supposed to be my last week in the office and supposed to be shorter days at that….but, that’s not happening. There are way too many loose ends to tie up and an office to pack up – not to mention GAFA is starting back up today with our summer session. (which, by the way, registration has been amazing and we are going to have a fabulous time this summer!) BUT….next week I am NOT in the office at all…working from home some, but not in the office! 🙂

There is a lot to say right now – so many things going through my mind about this season of my life and the transition God has me in – I don’t know if I can get it down right now. Let me just say this –

I am so grateful for the past ten years of my life. I have many amazing memories of leading such an incredible team and I am a bit sad that this season is ending. Even though I will still be a part of the team – working together to bring glory to God through the arts – it is a bit weird to me right now. I will write more in the days to come about all of this, but to my wonderful team – I love you more than you know and have been honored beyond my ability to relate to you in words to have been given the opportunity to serve the Lord with you over the years. Thank you for your support and your respect, sometimes it was not deserved but definitely appreciated…

I am looking forward to this next season of ministry with you – I am changing roles but you can’t get rid of me that easily! 🙂

This Sunday we will make some exciting announcements about what God is doing in the Creative Art’s Department now that I am stepping aside as director. You don’t want to miss the news, so be sure to come check it out!

Love you all – Abbye


Monday Morning Brain Dump

  • My time at the office is winding down – I anticipate being here through this week and then probably mostly part time for another week. I keep trying to arrange this with my awesomely amazing brother, but he’s ignoring me. Like if we don’t talk about it – it will all just go away…. 🙂
  • There is still a list a mile and a half long at the house to get done before Rylee’s arrival. Which, by the way, is only in about 3 1/2 weeks! I never imagined that trying to keep a small house organized and clean would be WAY more difficult than our big house we were in before, but it is and it’s driving me crazy! It doesn’t help that Don’s work environment and schedule is really hectic right now which limits his ability to work on “the list”.
  • More and more people are finding it appropriate to comment on my size. I just have to say…when has that ever been OK? And it’s not just from men who don’t know better – women who have HAD BABIES and know what it’s like to feel HUGE are saying things that they should just keep to themselves. But – if you look like this, I guess it’s just inevitable…
  • Steve and Indy Dixon came and led worship with us yesterday at The ROCK. We had such a great time with them – thanks, guys for coming and joining the team for the day!
  • WOW – that storm last night was amazing. We had a meeting at the church last night in the dark because the lights went out half way through! That was interesting… And when I got out to my car afterwards, I discovered I had left the sun roof open and the inside was soaking wet! Arrggghhhh. You know ,the funny thing is, that was the first time in three years that I had ever used that sun roof – wouldn’t you know it..
  • GAFA starts back up next week. Our summer enrollment is pretty decent – I think we’re up to about 55 students for our two month session – a ton of new students, too! We hired a new teacher last week – I’ll post about her soon, but I’m SO excited about it!

That’s all for now – have a great week, everyone! Love you all!

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