Dancing Machine

My brother is an idiot…I know, I know…. (not really…he’s the most amazing brother, pastor, husband, father, friend – but I have to give him a hard time b/c no one else will now that he’s senior pastor…)

But every once in a while he does something super cool like this. Our friend, Paige Strackman, has sponsored a project through American Express called “Saving the Lives of Malnourished Children.” Bryan agreed to shoot this video to help spread the word and our good friend, Millie, agreed to shoot the photography.

If you are an American Express card member, please go NOW and vote. If she wins it would mean 1.5 million dollars to help saves the lives of children in Haiti. Thanks for the help…


1 Response to “Dancing Machine”

  1. October 8, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    um…I posted a comment this morning but it’s not here! Oh well, I’ll just try again.

    As I was saying before my comment so rudely decided not to post……I definitely got my laugh in for the day with this one. Two main observations:

    1. The half booty fan or whatever that was….yeah, that was fabulous.

    2. The poor people riding by in their cars. What must they have been thinking he was doing? One guess is, “Holy cow, look at that guy out there having a seizure fit while lying on that log!!!!”

    Way to go Pastor B!!! It’s okay to look rediculous……as long as it’s for a great cause.

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