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Dear Church Volunteer Part 2

Dear Church Volunteer…

There are so many things I could say to you – to encourage you in your ministry…

  • BE ENCOURAGED! What you do matters. Sometimes we get tired or we allow ourselves to think that the contribution we are making is insignificant. The truth is, the church can not do anything without its people setting their hands to the work. Do you think that the pastors and paid office staff could get it all done on their own – that they could make an impact in your city without you? Not a chance…your church’s success depends on you giving your gift of time and talent.
  • ENCOURAGE OUR LEADERS! Your pastors, office staff, small group leaders, etc NEED to hear that you are with them. Don’t just assume that they automatically know this. Tell them often that you believe in the vision and that you are committed to supporting that vision. (even when you may go through a season of questioning that vision…you still must be supportive where God has planted you… Hello!) Just like you – your leaders need to have positive feedback from those they labor with in ministry.
  • DIRECT QUESTIONS/CONCERN DIRECTLY TO YOUR LEADER! This used to be my biggest frustration when I worked in full time ministry. I would find out that someone had an issue with me and they would have talked to everyone BUT ME about it. Let me just tell you that your leader wants to hear from you – the good and the bad. This doesn’t mean that you should unload all of your junk on them – but when there is a real concern about something, go and sit down with them and share your heart. You won’t solve a darn thing by calling your best friend and talking to them about it. Your leader can not make adjustments if they do not know there is a problem. They are not mind-readers, people!
  • SHARE OUR IDEAS! God made us all as creative beings. After all – we are made in His image and He is the most amazingly creative being ever so it makes sense that we are innately creative, too. If you have an idea that could be be beneficial to your team then share it with your leader! Who knows, they just may use your idea and wouldn’t that be so cool?

More to come – but for now, go out there and be the most resourceful, committed, passionate volunteer your team has!


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