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Mushy Brains

OK – so I love love love being a mommy – but I have to admit that I feel like my brains may run out of my ears at any moment. It’s been feasting on Noggin, baby slobber and a steady of diet of cleaning product fumes – not much else I’m sad to say. I’ve started about five different books and haven’t had the time or energy to actually get anything out of any of them let along make any progress on finishing any of them. And let’s not even talk about what else on my body is mushy. Geesh…


Something’s Got To Give

OK – so I think I just have to be honest for a moment so that maybe it will force me to change some things…

Yesterday was my birthday and I think my sister-in-law, Jennifer, knew that I needed a break. Maybe it was 10am twitter that had the blatant sound of whining that caused her to pick up the phone, but anyway….she called and offered to take the kids for a while so that I could have some alone time. That was the best birthday present EVER! So, she came and whisked them away and I went to try on some clothes. I’m tying to find something to wear for the 20th anniversary service of the church next weekend. Let me just say that the dressing room was a major motivation kick in the butt for me.

Yes, I know I just had a baby seven weeks ago – but I know that I have so much work to do. It’s not just about losing weight and fitting into better clothes – although that’s a BIG part of it.

I want to be around a loooooong time for my children and I know that some things need to change. I remember when I moved home about ten years ago…I was 40 lbs overweight and miserable with myself. I was single with no children to take care of and so I had plenty of time to work out and plan my meals. I lost all of that extra weight in about 3 or 4 months so I know what it takes. But, years of comfortable marriage and two pregnancies have not been friendly to my waistline or my overall health – those 40 pounds are back and staring at me with evil intentions. It’s time for a change.

So here’s the deal… anyone else ready for a change? Anyone want to join me in the quest to be healthier and happier and around for a looooooong time? I promise not to bore all of my blog readers with the daily minutia of my diet and fitness routines, but I will try to let you all know what works for me and what doesn’t and try to encourage those of you who may be on the same path that I’m on.

Maybe I should start a separate blog just for this journey -what do you all think?

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