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Mushy Brains

OK – so I love love love being a mommy – but I have to admit that I feel like my brains may run out of my ears at any moment. It’s been feasting on Noggin, baby slobber and a steady of diet of cleaning product fumes – not much else I’m sad to say. I’ve started about five different books and haven’t had the time or energy to actually get anything out of any of them let along make any progress on finishing any of them. And let’s not even talk about what else on my body is mushy. Geesh…


Who Do You Miss?

I know all of us have people in our lives that we love dearly who are far away from us geographically. That sucks sometimes…

I just wanted to let them know how much I love them and miss them –

  • Stephanie – my oldest and very dear friend. Who would have thought that 700 miles and 20 years later we would still be as close as we are? You make me so happy and I am grateful for your friendship. I am so glad that you are my babies’ “faffy” and my best friend…
  • Mindy – you have become like a sister to me and I am confident that God put us together so many years ago because He knew what you would have to go through. I am amazed by what He has done in you and in me as I have watched you deal with horrific circumstances. I love you more than you know…
  • Sarabess – I knew when we met at that youth camp year ago that there was purpose in it. You have become my sounding board and my confidant – what would I do without you? We have got to do something about only seeing each other every 5 years, though…
  • Kirstie – we are separated by so much more than miles. I will never understand why God took you from us so early in your life, but I know He is sovereign and I trust Him still. You are so dear to me – you were an amazing mom, wife, friend and daughter of the King and you are missed so much.
  • Pops and Mama Reba – I have learned so much from you. I learned from you that there is a proximity to the anointing and I am so grateful for having the opportunity to be close to you both. What I have gained from you is invaluable to me and I pray that God gives me the chance to continue to learn from you as I watch you follow after Him.

There are more – so many more – but this is enough for today.

Who do you miss?


Monday Morning Brain Dump

  • I just realized that my friends, Mute Math, have a song on the Twilight album! You can hear it on their myspace page. I think that’s so amazing – they are some of my favorite musicians on the planet. 🙂
  • Yesterday’s service was great. I love worshiping with my team – especially when all the gadgets work like they’re supposed to.
  • I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already here! This is my favorite holiday and I’m really looking forward to stuffing myself and then going to see a movie with the fam. We’re going to see Bolt this year – Reagan’s gonna love it!
  • I wish I could pay someone to come drag all of the holiday decor out of the attic and put it all up for me. I love to have it up but I don’t love going through all of that mess.
  • I am not addicted to sweet tea. I could stop anytime I wanted to.
  • I went into Starbucks yesterday and the lady in line behind me forgot she had a ridiculously huge purse strapped to the front of her and she kept bumping into me in line. I had to work very hard to not give her the look – I did good and you would all be very proud of me. 🙂 I was happy to have my salted caramel hot chocolate. (Don’t be jealous, Mandy – I know how much you love them!)
  • I’m thankful for my family – they’re amazing.

What are you thankful for this week?


It’s a cookie day…

It’s 66 degrees and raining outside – Don calls these days cookie days. I think Reagan, Rylee and I will stay in our PJ’s all day, make cookies and listen to the rain. (Maybe we’ll watch a little Noggin, too)

What are you doing today?


Sunday Night Brain Dump

  • I went out to the grocery store tonight with Rylee – made a quick stop at Starbucks first and then headed over to Fresh Market. I was dressed in Sunday afternoon nap attire and had crazy afro nap hair and then Rylee spit up all over me right before we walked into the store. Of course, I walked right by this little skinny 20 something year old with her skinny jeans, ah-may-zing boots and Louis Vuitton handbag. Her hair was perfect and I just wanted to go crawl in a hole somewhere. 🙂
  • I need some girl time
  • I love my church. It was a great day today – a great crowd, good worship and an awesome word from dad.
  • We went to the fair again last night. It was cooooold.
  • GAFA danced at the Latino festival yesterday. The group before us was a really bad religious drama that included the devil (in a red cape, devil horns, a pitch fork and bad stage makeup), a hooker, drug dealer, a pimp and Jesus (with flowing robe, bad brown wig and fake beard). The drug dealer actually used real cigarettes that he was really smoking (that was the only awesome part)… it was the epitome of bad church drama.
  • There will be a really cool blog post tomorrow morning – so be sure to come by and check it out! I can’t wait!

Barak and Roll

I’ve always been a good Republican – I’ve always voted Republican and have been happy and honored to do so. I have very solid moral convictions that have compelled me to vote a certain way all my life. With this being said, I can not lie and say that I was sad last night to see the news that our nation had overwhelmingly voted for Barak Obama.

He is inspiring and an amazing communicator – none of you could say otherwise. (well, you could I guess, but that would just be silly) This is a dream fulfilled for many, many people. The election of Obama is a great testament to how far we have come as a nation and I am honored to call this country home. I desperately want there to be truthful reconciliation between us – not just between black and white – but between republican and democrat. Without this, we can’t even start to fix some of the huge issues that we face.

Even though President-Elect Obama doesn’t hold all of the same moral beliefs that I do, I will still support him and pray for him daily. I believe he can be a positive force for change in our nation. If I trust God, I can believe nothing else. So many of you are twittering and posting blogs about trusting in God – and if we truly trust in God then we have to trust that He allowed Obama to be elected and therefore has a sovereign plan for this presidency. The bottom line is….I trust in God – not in Barak Obama or John McCain – and that brings so much relief and peace to me.

My prayer is that the church will support – with all of our hearts – our new president. I don’t mean that we support initiatives that go against our moral beliefs, but that we support him in prayer and in striving for true unity in this nation.


Fair Fun

Every Halloween, a bunch of from church get together and go to the fair…it’s so much fun! There’s no one there – everyone else is out trick or treating… We had a great time – here are a few pics…

Ummmm…So, Reagan kind of freaked out halfway down the slide. But then he got up and rode all the big kid, scary rides anyway. I, on the other hand, wanted to throw up just watching him stand in line to ride the spider.

Rylee and her Papa…

Reagan and his friend, Ethan – they rode this about 10 times, I think.

Reagan with his cousins, Gabriel, Noah and Adam and his friends, Ethan and Caleb.

Rylee hung out in her stroller until it was sleepy time – she’s just so darn cute I couldn’t resist putting this one in here.

What did you all do last night?



Yesterday I was out for a few hours and left the kids with a sitter. When I returned, I opened the fridge to start dinner and this is what I found…

It was full when I left and empty when I returned. And yes….it’s half and half…Reagan is in trouble…


Thursday Morning Brain Dump

  • Rylee has slept 12 hours straight the past three nights! Yea! I’ve been reading the book “Twelve Hours Sleep by Twelve Weeks” by Suzy Girodano and implementing some of her recommendations. It worked from the very first night!
  • Reagan is pretty much potty trained – he’s even gone the last three nights with a dry pull up!
  • Don’s work schedule is really driving me crazy…and that’s all I’ll say about that. I’m so thankful that he has a job and I am trying not to complain about that when so many other people don’t have jobs at all.
  • I can’t seem to get warm today.
  • I’m hosting a baby shower this Saturday for Lynne – she runs the office at GAFA and is having a baby in just a few weeks! Lynne and James have been trying to have a baby for a long time now and have really had to trust God for healing and a healthy pregnancy. He has been faithful to them and in just a few weeks we will welcome little Christian into the world!
  • I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping already
  • I make some pretty darn good chocolate chip cookies if I do say so myself
  • We’ve got some ideas for the big show in May – I hope we can figure out to do it cause it would be so cool!
  • I voted early on Monday – I was undecided until the moment I walked up to the booth – this one has been hard for me.

Love you all!


Thursday Morning Brain Dump

I haven’t done one of these in a while…but I think I just need to…

  • There is a guy who appears to be in his mid-twenties that roams around our neighborhood on his VERY LOUD scooter…a lot. He seems to have some mental deficiencies and I have been feeling a little sorry for him – but yesterday when he rode by my house about 20 times during my kids nap time and woke Rylee up several times, I was not feeling very gracious any more. At 10:00 last night, he started it again and I seriously thought I was going to lose it.
  • Reagan is getting his hair cut today – think he needs it?

  • Don has been working so much lately – I miss him. It was our anniversary yesterday and I think we had about 10 minutes alone…he did give me a foot rub, though! And we went out last Friday night for an amazing dinner at Port Land Grill and then went and saw a movie. That was the first time since Rylee was born that we’ve gone out on a real date.
  • Rylee is getting better at night. She’s going to bed about 8 every night and sleeping until about 4 – I’m trying to break her of this 4:00 thing but she’s being stubborn! (I wonder where she gets that from?)
  • Bryan asked me to be a part of the strategic planning meeting for Rock Church’s 2009 calendar. I made it to the first day of planning, but Rylee wouldn’t let me go the second day. She was a little cranky… Anyway, I have to say that I am very excited about 2009 at Rock Church – it’s going to a crazy and amazing year!
  • I’m so stinking excited about Fall! I love the crisp mornings and the fact that the grass has stopped growing! (It takes Don half a day to mow our lawn and I am kind of jealous for his time lately…)
  • I’m ready for the election to be OVER. Good grief – could they draw this process out just a bit more, please?
  • Scooter guy is passing by my house again as I am writing this post. AHHHHHHH!

What’s rattling around in your head these days?

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