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I killed my blog

Don’t ask me what I did. A while ago, I moved over to – Anyway, a few weeks ago I was messing around behind the scenes and killed my blog. I have not the capacity to figure it out nor the desire to spend hours on it so I’m back over here…

I have a lot to say…so get ready! My reviews of Re:Create will be first on my list.

Hope you’ll stick around with me!



Prom Date

The lead singer in this little gem of a video is Joey, my prom date….

I haven’t seem him in yeeeaaaarrrrsss – but I found this and thought it was just hilarious and just like I remember him.


Who did you go to the prom with?


Dancing Machine

My brother is an idiot…I know, I know…. (not really…he’s the most amazing brother, pastor, husband, father, friend – but I have to give him a hard time b/c no one else will now that he’s senior pastor…)

But every once in a while he does something super cool like this. Our friend, Paige Strackman, has sponsored a project through American Express called “Saving the Lives of Malnourished Children.” Bryan agreed to shoot this video to help spread the word and our good friend, Millie, agreed to shoot the photography.

If you are an American Express card member, please go NOW and vote. If she wins it would mean 1.5 million dollars to help saves the lives of children in Haiti. Thanks for the help…



I was SO proud of the dancers from GAFA today! Riverfest took place downtown Wilmington this weekend and our Celebration Dance Company and GAFA Dance Teams performed in front of hundreds of people and they ROCKED it! Here are some pictures from the day – leave some comments and let the girls know how great they did!

Rylee got SO hot in her stroller, so we stripped off her pants and I handed her over to Mrs. Donna so I could take pictures. We didn’t want her little bald head to get sunburned so we covered her up with a burp cloth. This was her first dance outing and she was a trooper. In a couple of years she’ll be up there performing! I can’t wait!

Thanks to everyone who helped organize this event – and to all of our GAFA families who make my job a dream job – and to my AH-MA-ZING staff who always do more than I ask of them, you guys just make me happy!


Tuesday Morning Brain Dump

So, I haven’t done one of these in a long time – and I’ve been missing the chance to just unload all of the random stuff bouncing around in my brain….

  • Rylee is turning out to be a pretty good sleeper. If I can just get her to drop that darn 3:30am feeding!
  • Reagan told me that bananas have potassium in them. How does a three year old know that?
  • Don’s mom is coming for her first visit since Rylee was born. She hasn’t seen Reagan in over a year and has yet to meet the girlie girl. Can’t wait to see her!
  • I’m addicted to Banana Chocolate Vivano’s from Starbucks.
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brooke Fraser’s new live album – her voice is perfection.
  • As you can see from my previous post, don’t try an come at me with gossip – I’ve been trying to wash out my brain for days.
  • I talked with someone very special to me on Saturday – I hate that so many of my closest relationships are so far away. Pops, Mama Reba, Cindy, Stephanie, Mindy, Sarabess – I miss you all like I can’t even describe!
  • My friend, Rachel and her husband, Anthony, are talking about something very important over at her blog. Please go and read their story – you’ll have to scroll down a bit to find the first post and then read through them in order. I’m an sure that there are some of you who can relate and need to hear what they have to say.
  • Lisa Rinna’s lips are freaking huge! Good grief.
  • I’m excited about fall tv starting up next week.
  • David is doing an amazing job with the creative art’s team at Rock Church. I’m so thankful God sent him to us just at the right time!
  • Glory Academy is back up and running. We are everything that typical “church dance teams” are NOT. We exist to bring excellence and relevance back to the art of dance in the church. Help us spread the word! We have classes in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, pointe and hip hop from ages 3-adult. All new students receive a FREE LEOTARD for their class. Amazing….I know…
  • I need to figure out a way to bring in some extra money – something that I can do from home. Any suggestions? (I am bracing myself for the inevitable sarcastic suggestions from this guy and probably her, too.)
  • That’s enough for now…but I’ll leave you with this picture. Can you guess what Rylee is doing in this shot?

Play Date

Reagan had a play date today…Karen came with Marty and Rachel came with Olivia and Jackson. The kids played so hard and we got to sit in the living room with some amazing coffee and have girl talk time! It was so fun and Reagan is worn out now – he’ll probably sleep for hours. 🙂

Here is the aftermath of the 2 1/2 hour play fest. This should be fun to clean up! 🙂


My Amazing Friend

Hi, everyone! Don and I have an amazing friend –

Most of you know Millie Holloman, one of the most incredible photographers on the planet…she consistently amazes me with her creativity, her energy and her commitment to excellence. We are thrilled to have her as our friend.

Yesterday, the family headed over to Millie’s office/studio for some pictures of Rylee. Of course, they turned out so beautifully. I won’t post any here, you have to go to her blog to see them. Be sure to leave her some comment love!

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