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Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

This morning we woke up early so we could go have father’s day breakfast at Causeway Cafe – yummy! I stuffed myself on pancakes, bacon, cheese grits and fresh orange juice! We had a great time but it was really strange to be out with all the regular people on Sunday morning instead of at church for rehearsals. I felt like a heathen… ūüôā

We pulled up to the church at 9:45…..9:45! That was just weird….but exciting at the same time. I am barreling ahead into a brand new season of my life and have such total peace about where God is leading me. I know that He has me and my family right where He wants us – and He has such amazing provision in place for our church. As we walked in the back door (I still have a parking space!), I could hear my team in the studio praying – I could hear all of them lifting up their voices together as they prepared their hearts to lead His people in worship. It was an amazing sound….

As I sat on the front row before church, I was so happy when they opened up the backstage door and they all came out with such contagious excitement on their faces! I knew it was going to be a great service…and it was.

From the very first note, there was a new sound in the building and I was almost taken back. I know that God has greater levels of skill and anointing for us in this new season – and I am grateful that we are not in “coast” mode. David is such an amazing man of God – his wife Karen is such an incredibly anointed woman of God – and they are here to facilitate growth in the creative arts’ department. It’s not just about how great of a musician and artist he is, or how talented Karen is – it’s about worshiping our God and leading His people into greater levels of relationship with Him. I am honored to have them on board with us as we move forward and can’t wait what all God has in store for us.

I have to admit that I am anxious to have this baby, take a little time to recover and then get back on the team as a volunteer! Excitement for the purpose of God is building around our church and I am glad to be a part of it! Let’s all welcome David and Karen to the family!


How He Loves Us

This video – this song just messed me up. Thanks, Carlos, for posting this. In case you are wondering, Rockers, we WILL be learning this song immediately.


It’s SOOO Cold! (and other monday morning thoughts)

The doors on my Highlander crunched when I opened them today….that’s just too cold – unless it’s just going to go ahead and snow. I can put up with the cold if there is something to enjoy about it. Otherwise, I could do without. One day I want to retire on a beach somewhere…

Yesterday was another great day for our church. As we continue to reshape our understanding of vision, I can see our church family beginning to be stretched a little. I think we’ve been coasting for too long now – waiting to see what was going to happen next. (rightfully so considering all that HAS happened around here) But it’s time to move forward and really take big steps toward what God has always intended us to be. His plan for us has never changed – He knew forever ago what He wanted us to look like, sound like, act like in 2008 but it’s really up to us to see that happen. He’s never going to force anything on us – it’s our decision to make. Either we get off our butts – quit whining about how hard it’s been – and stop waiting around for the heaven’s to split open over a Sunday morning service or we stay where we’ve been for the past several years. People – it’s not going to happen unless we MAKE it happen! I believe that vision and purpose are divinely inspired by Holy Spirit, but we must take that inspiration and put feet to it.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to put feet to my part of this vision. How am I going to take this Creative Art’s department to the next level?¬† How do I get my feet out of the mud and on the road to explosive growth and new opportunities? I don’t think I have my thoughts formed enough yet to spill them all out here…more on that to come. But let me just say this – to my amazing team and staff – get yourself ready. If you are still on the fence about your commitment here – make up your mind. We definitely do not need people in leadership positions who aren’t sure if this is where they are supposed to be. Brace yourself – it’s going to be a wild ride this year!


What happens when we start to get a clue

My brother posted a great piece about our service this past Sunday. I am so excited to see God’s people transitioning into this season where we are truely after God’s heart. When we are after God’s heart, we will go after His children who are lost and unconnected. We will begin to cry out for Him to break our hearts for what breaks His – to open up our eyes to the things that we haven’t yet seen.

Matthew is one of my favorite photographers – he took these great pictures of the service. Thanks for documenting this transition, Matthew – let’s make history!


Let’s Get To It!

There are some monumental tasks ahead of me. Getting GAFA¬†up and running again, planning for our huge….bigger than ever….you don’t want to miss it….Christmas production, and then the GAFA¬†end of the year production that seems just right around the corner. Not to mention just the day to day ministry that takes place around here. Oh, and then there’s my family – yea, that… my adorable little baby, Reagan and my amazing smoochie, Don. I could be overwhelmed – but I’m not. This is actually how I work best; too much to do in too little time. I LOVE IT! I think it’s pretty clear that God is up to some pretty big things around here and I get to be right in the middle of it! Woohoo!

I think that I am most honored that the Creator has chosen me to be here at this moment, doing these incredible things. What is most frustrating to me is the people who have lost that sense of honor – those people who are in a bad mood everytime they come to serve or who roll their eyes when they are asked to stretch themselves a bit to accomplish Kingdom work. Man, I’m having trouble not writing in all caps right now…

I want to be one who is always excited about what God is doing and what my part in it is at the moment. Whatever I can do to advance the kingdom is what makes my heart beat a little faster. The church should be a place where everyone is chomping at the bits to serve not averting their eyes when a ministry leader attempts a friendly conversation. This is what we were created for, people!


Could we…maybe???

So….I’m really being provoked into a new place….I’m getting bored and tired of the same old. I’ve been thinking alot about how to unlock some things in my creative process. I think I’m pretty good at inspiring others in their creative process…I come alive when others around me do great things – now I just need to start doing more great things myself.

I downloaded my current desktop background from Jeff Kapusta’s Blog. It reminds me every day that “Discipline is the Concrete for Creativity”. I am officially spanked…

There is an amazing amount of talent in this city. Churches like Lifepoint¬†and PC3¬†are doing some incredible¬†things to bring the message of Christ to this city like never before and they are seeing unbelievable results. We have to face facts here, people. In order to effectively reach the¬†unchurched, we have to craft our message into a form that they can understand. They won’t grab hold of chritianese laden messages or¬†cheesy announcement graphics – they certainly won’t stick around long enough to here out of tune singers and unrehearsed musicians playing elevator worship from 10 years ago.¬†

What we MUST understand is that God deserves our absolute best – He¬†deserves people who don’t complain about coming to rehearsals…people who will show up on time and prepared….people who understand the importance of what we’re doing here. We only have one chance to reach that hurting person who comes in our doors for the first time. We only have one chance to bring the message of salvation to that teenager who is questioning whether or not God even exists. That’s it – one chance!¬†God gives us the opportunity to minister to them and we can screw it up¬†if we have not adequately prepared!

Now – to my¬†wonderful, dedicated and amazingly talented team¬†here at The Rock¬†¬†– you do an amazing job every Sunday. I have been blessed with some of the best singers, musicians and¬†tech nerds around – and you truly give your time and resources to this ministry. Now, let’s step it up a notch. The vision is worth it. This city is worth it. The message of hope in Christ is worth it!

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