Over the past couple of weeks I have shopped for and purchased 40 costumes, 8 LED stand lights, 17 pairs of eyelashes, blue, white and black fabric, two orange buckets to make a tree stump out of, various branches, twigs and shiny silver things, 8 72″ balloons, glitter spray paint, TONS of plywood, screws and paint. There may be more but my brain is clouded with the toxic overload of flourescent lights and fabric dye…eeek.

It takes a lot of resource and time to put together something like Imagine Christmas. Some people may ask if all of this is really worth it – is this just some frivolous pursuit of entertainment? Well…I’m glad you asked –

There are thousands of people in this city who do not know the amazing message of salvation – thousands who do not attend church on a regular basis – thousands who are lost in their sin and need freedom in their lives. They probably have the attitude that church is an old fashioned, boring, overly religious, judgemental place to spend a couple of hours every week. The truth is, they are right if you look at most examples of “church” these days. It is our responsibility to change these assumptions.

We can do this by shattering the stereotypical perceptions of the church – not an easy thing to do. We DO NOT accomplish this by maintaining the “usual” methods that have not served us well over the years. The secular entertainment industry has put us in a position where we MUST up the anty significantly or loose our target audience – the unchurched and unsaved.

Let me just say this… you do not want to miss December 16th at the The Rock. What we are able to do when we pull together for a common cause is going to amaze you – it is going to ignite something in this city that has been dormant for a very long time – the passionate pursuit of God and of those that are lost. It’s not all about what we can get out of church – it’s all about what we give to this city through the church. Once we are saved and have a solid relationship with our creator, it is our responsibility and our privaledge to reach out to our sphere of influence and make a difference in the Kingdom of God.

I hope you are all inviting your friends, family and co-workers like crazy people. Get a big stack of invitation cards this Sunday and give them all away – go here and e-mail invitations to all of your peeps.


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