There is something happening around here…something unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. People are getting stirred up and excited to really get out there and reach this city. When we first heard the number…100,000…we were all stunned. I mean, Wilmington isn’t that big so that is a HUGE number – the number of people in our city who are not connected in a church – the number of people who are not actively living their lives with Christ in it – the number of people that God requires us to go out and find. This is not optional, it is our mandate and I think we’re finally getting it. I can see it on your faces and actually feel it in the air. But this realization comes with a price…it’s going to take sacrifice and a willingness to get out of our comfort zones. WAY out.

Every Sunday, we have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. I want to always anticipate that the hurting and the lost are going to show up and make sure that I am ready for them. Are we ready? Let’s get out there and invite TONS of people to come worship with us on the weekends and then prepare for their arrival. Imagine what could happen if we gave ourselves to the salvation of this city? Imagine what could happen if we stepped outside of our little boxes and got a little dirty in the process of seeing this city changed! Are we up for it?


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