Thursday Morning Brain Dump

I haven’t done one of these in a while…but I think I just need to…

  • There is a guy who appears to be in his mid-twenties that roams around our neighborhood on his VERY LOUD scooter…a lot. He seems to have some mental deficiencies and I have been feeling a little sorry for him – but yesterday when he rode by my house about 20 times during my kids nap time and woke Rylee up several times, I was not feeling very gracious any more. At 10:00 last night, he started it again and I seriously thought I was going to lose it.
  • Reagan is getting his hair cut today – think he needs it?

  • Don has been working so much lately – I miss him. It was our anniversary yesterday and I think we had about 10 minutes alone…he did give me a foot rub, though! And we went out last Friday night for an amazing dinner at Port Land Grill and then went and saw a movie. That was the first time since Rylee was born that we’ve gone out on a real date.
  • Rylee is getting better at night. She’s going to bed about 8 every night and sleeping until about 4 – I’m trying to break her of this 4:00 thing but she’s being stubborn! (I wonder where she gets that from?)
  • Bryan asked me to be a part of the strategic planning meeting for Rock Church’s 2009 calendar. I made it to the first day of planning, but Rylee wouldn’t let me go the second day. She was a little cranky… Anyway, I have to say that I am very excited about 2009 at Rock Church – it’s going to a crazy and amazing year!
  • I’m so stinking excited about Fall! I love the crisp mornings and the fact that the grass has stopped growing! (It takes Don half a day to mow our lawn and I am kind of jealous for his time lately…)
  • I’m ready for the election to be OVER. Good grief – could they draw this process out just a bit more, please?
  • Scooter guy is passing by my house again as I am writing this post. AHHHHHHH!

What’s rattling around in your head these days?


3 Responses to “Thursday Morning Brain Dump”

  1. October 17, 2008 at 4:01 am

    OMG!!!!!!!! We have a “scooter guy” too!!! Only we have more than one in our neighborhood. I think I must have gotten used to them now because I don’t seem to notice them quite as much, but when Jackson was tiny it seemed that if never failed that they’d start blasting through our neighborhood as soon as I laid him down for a nap.

    One time I got SO mad, I ran out to the street to wait for him to come back around so I could give him a piece of my mind. Much to his advantage, he never made it back around to where I was. I had HAD IT that day as was fully prepared to lay into that dude (in a Christian way of course 😉

    I’m SO with you on the “husband time” thing. I feel like a single mom so much these days. I think we should start a support group. As I was pulling into our driveway yesterday, I thought the same thing about the grass growing so much slower now, and that making me happy because it meant he wouldn’t have to mow it every single time he was off.

    Fall weather and election hooplah: AMEN SISTER!! My thoughts precisely.

  2. 2 tam
    October 17, 2008 at 6:31 am

    happy belated anniversary!!!

  3. October 20, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    Put out a spike strip for scooter guy, that might stop him for a while:-) (joking) I missed you Wednesday! You have some great insight. It was good to hear what you had to say.

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