Going Back

I am so excited about this message series we are in at church! “Retro” is all about bringing us back to what really matters and reminding us of those things we should be living by but sometimes forget about. Alot of times people are offended if we get too “basic” in our teaching…if we stray too far from the “deep” things of God. I’m sorry, but I just need to rant for a moment. Most of the time, people who have a problem going back to the foundations of our faith are people who are not LIVING those foundations out in their lives! They are so consumed with being “spiritual” that they forget God has asked us to surrender the tithe to him or study the bible regularly or give our time to help others in need. All of us – including the pastoral staff of this church – need to come back to these things time and time again so we don’t flake out and forget what God has asked of us as His people.

My heart is for this church family to get SO STINKING PASSIONATE about the things of God – the things that really matter – that we will turn this city upside down! There are thousands of people who call Wilmington home that need the life-changing message of Christ brought to them by people who are actually living how the word directs us to! So…let’s get our junk together and go after this city!



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