Monday Morning Brain Dump

It’s that time again…

  • Yesterday was fun…great worship in the service (I have a great team!) and we had a really productive rehearsal last night. (again, I have a great team) They are working so hard on their music for the Christmas program – it’s going to be fabulous!
  • I still can’t get my IPhone activated – I’m on hold with apple support right now – pray for me…
  • This is a busy week – tons of stuff to get done for the Christmas show and still get normal stuff done, too. Help!
  • Mom and Dad are off for a week of vacation in the mountains – they deserve it. Have fun…
  • My house is a mess and I can’t seem to get motivated to do anything. We need to have all of the floors replaced and I need to paint and finish hanging pics but I just can’t get excited about that. (I can, however, get excited about my new IPhone – if I can ever use it!)
  • The staff here at The Rock are studying the book “In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day” by Mark Batterson – if you haven’t read this book already you should. If you find yourself at a place in your life where uncertainty is looming and you sense change coming…you must get this – it’s amazing.
  • I’m trying to evolve. (I’ll post about this later today – stay tuned)

I Love You All! Thanks for reading.


1 Response to “Monday Morning Brain Dump”

  1. October 22, 2007 at 11:41 pm

    I’ve been tuned in all day waiting to find out how you are trying to evolve. I was unable to get any work done because I didn’t want to miss it.

    Should I set my BVR to record it so I can go to bed? Was it rescheduled until tomorrow? Will we ever know?…

    UUUHHH! The suspense is killing me! Just tell us already!…

    I’ll just go play with my working iPhone while I wait.

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