Notes From C3 – Mac Richard

OK, so I had never heard of this guy before – he’s from Lake Hills Church in Austin, TX. I took some furious notes in this session –

3rd Session – Mac Richard – Community and Responsibility
•    Tension between community and responsibility – you have to walk the line. When someone loves you, they hold you accountable – it comes out of relationship. Accountability is born out of love.
•    Hebrews 10.24 – Let us consider how we can spur one another on to love and good deeds.
•    Lead out of love and good deeds – spur leadership
•    Spur leaders get built underneath the hammer and the heat. It’s hard to shape steel – it takes high heat and hammering out the edges.
•    As leaders, we must measure the stuff that matters.
•    The reality of leadership is that it’s lonely sometimes
•    In order to fire someone, you must first set the bar really high and then guard the bar. Don’t move the bar to make people feel better.
•    When you set the bar, include subjective criteria. (joy, etc…)
•    Joy matters – don’t let the lack of joy ride in your staff
•    Fire people generally and directly – don’t argue the specifics.
•    Dismiss gracefully
•    Avoid the backlash – people aren’t going to agree with your decision, but the reality is, we can’t all get along.
•    Proverbs 27 – “Know the condition of your flocks and the status of your herds”
•    It’s not about size, it’s about health
•    As a leader, it’s up to you to determine what matters
•    If you love people, you will measure their performance
•    Jesus said your fruit is going to get measured/judged
•    Balance b/w grace and truth – John 1.14


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